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Public Security Volunteers Work Up To 14 Hours Daily & Eat Meals On Roadside To Help Enforce MCO



Source: China Press

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It’s not just PDRM officers or medical staff, these state public security workers are also sacrificing the most for us during this pandemic season.

From 7:30am to almost 9:30pm daily, these voluntary public security workers offer their help in a range of services. From gatekeeping restricted areas to distributing groceries or packed meals to the needy, poor and disabled, Perak’s Public Security personnel are doing the most that they can to provide for their communities-even if it means sacrificing certain meal times to do so.

“Sometimes our people [volunteers] have no choice but to eat on the roadside. Not everyone sees this sacrifice. Therefore, I hope that those who are at home appreciate their blessings and will not complain,” said Huang, the chairman of this volunteer Public Security Association, as reported by China Press.

These local heroes are the ones who are patrolling within the district day and night, to help assist authorities and the community in areas where help is most needed.

“In addition to checking vehicles, we patrol from time to time to help the police monitor the people’s compliance with the MCO. We measure the temperatures of each driver. If they display symptoms of illness, we will stop them from entering the premises and advise them to seek medical consultation,” he added.

Many have wondered why these public security helpers sacrifice so much time just to do a job that’s voluntary. To this, the chairman says: “What is the purpose of our hard work? We don’t have any welfare, we just want to protect our community and remind people to pay attention to the severity of Covid-19. We need to take adequate preventive measures to reduce the risk of being infected by the virus.”

How inspiring! May we all strive to do our best and contribute to our own households and communities during this difficult time. 


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Source: China Press
Source: China Press
Source: China Press

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