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“Protect your fur babies!” Here’s Why You’re Doing Your Pets a Favour When You Neuter Them!


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Source: Jonathan Ansel Moy de Vitry (Unsplash) & Freepik

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As pet owners, it’s very important to be responsible so that your pets can live a long and healthy life. One of the most important things you can do is to neuter them. There might be a few misconceptions out there about the downsides of neutering your pets but the fact of the matter is, that neutering your pets can help them stay healthy in many ways. Curious? Just read on to find out the health benefits of neutering your kitties and doggos!


1. It reduces the number of unwanted kittens or puppies

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For male pet owners, some of them don’t think it’s important to neuter their pets because their pets won’t be able to get pregnant. But the truth is, it is absolutely crucial to do so especially if you allow your pet to roam the streets. Neutering your pets can prevent them from impregnating other stray animals, which will also help to decrease the number of abandoned kittens or puppies. This is super important as it will help control the number of strays in any area.


2. Your pet will have less desire to roam the streets

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There is a common myth that neutering your pet means they will become lazier. The truth is, they have simply lost the desire to go out and roam the streets. This is because, after neutering, their sexual hormones will subside and they will no longer feel the need to go out and search for a mating partner anymore. Thus, most of them will feel content being homebodies and getting closer to their humans.

However, as pet owners, you should make sure that they still get enough exercise at home to prevent them from getting overweight!


3. It lowers the risk of contracting fatal illnesses such as certain cancers

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When male pets are castrated, their testicles will be removed. This means it will completely eliminate the risk of getting testicular cancer and it also helps to prevent prostate infections.

For female pets, it is recommended to spay your female pet before the first cycle of going “on heat” (which is usually around 6 months old for both cats and dogs but it can vary depending on the breed). This is because most studies have shown that early spaying can eliminate the chances of getting mammary cancer and ovarian cancer, reduce the risk of cervical cancer, and avoid heat cycle bleeding. Additionally, spaying them before the first heat can also help to achieve an easier surgery and a smoother recovery.


4. It will likely increase their life span and improve their health condition

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Studies have shown that neutering your pets can significantly increase their life expectancy! For dogs, the life expectancy for neutered dogs is around 9.4 years and only 7.9 years for unneutered ones. As for cats, neutered cats are expected to live around 11.8 years while unneutered cats only 7.5 years!

This can be explained by a few factors:

  • Neutered pets are less likely to contract fatal illnesses such as cancer, infections, etc.
  • They are more likely to stay indoors, which will prevent them from getting into fights, road accidents, etc.
  • Female cats won’t go “on heat” repeatedly which saves them from tremendous stress


5. It can solve behavioural issues such as aggression or spraying (for males)

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The main reason why many male pets tend to be a bit more aggressive is due to the production of testosterone in their bodies. Thus, neutering them will help prevent aggressive or dominating behaviours. As a result, they will be more gentle and well-behaved not just with other animals but also around humans.

Another behavioural issue that you can stop by neutering is the act of spraying/marking territories with urine. This is also an act of dominance which can be very frustrating and smelly for us humans to deal with. Thus, by neutering your male pets, they will no longer feel the need to assert their dominance around the house.


So, are you now convinced that neutering your pet is a good idea? Just remember that neutering can be an act of kindness to your pets since you are protecting their health and helping them to live longer by your side. Nonetheless, it is also important to note that while neutering may solve and prevent certain issues, your pet’s overall health will also depend on many other aspects including its diet, lifestyle, genetics, breed, and so forth. So take good care of your fur babies, okay!

And if you are still hesitant or you have questions, do make sure to drop by your local vet clinic to get a proper consultation.


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Source: Freepik
Source: Freepik

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