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Pregnant Swiftie Endures 3 Hours of Contractions at Taylor Swift SG Show, Gives Birth The Next Day


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Source: Today Online

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The things that some fans will do just to get a glimpse of their favorite celebrities are just unimaginable! 

Just recently, a Swiftie in Singapore, Natalie defied the odds to watch Taylor Swift’s show in the country. She endured the contraction pain for 3 hours so that she could attend the show which she had waited for years.

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She went to the hospital after the show ended, and safely gave birth to a baby girl 13 hours later!

Natalie’s sheer will is arguably the strongest so far, and in an interview with Today Online, she recalled the plethora of coincidences when Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour.

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Expected birth date – Taylor Swift’s show in SG

When Natalie bought the tickets with her husband, no one knew she was already carrying a womb.

It didn’t take long for the pair to know that Natalie was pregnant and when they went for check-up, the doctor estimated the birth date to be on March 4, 2024, which was one of the days Taylor was set to perform in Singapore, and also the date that Natalie attended the show.

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“When I got up around 8 am on March 4, I felt uterine contractions and labor pains. I experienced uterine contractions about every 15-30 minutes.”

Despite the pain, Natalie attended the show as planned with her husband, Justyn.

During the 3-hour concert, Natalie suffered from repeated uterine contractions, but this did not stop her from enjoying the concert. Let’s just say, as long as her stomach didn’t hurt, she would stand up and sing along.

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“I only had 60% strength in my body at the time, but luckily I had a place to sit when I had uterine contractions.”

However, being the caring husband that he is, Justyn was not so calm the entire time.

“From time to time, I checked on her and asked if she needed to go to the hospital.”

The pair even spared some time to go for a late-night snack before the visit to the hospital after the show. Natalie gave birth to Emma at 4 pm on March 5.


To those who attended the show in Singapore, did you enjoy it? How far would you go just to enjoy the show of your favorite celebrities?


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Source: Today Online

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