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Local Preacher Warns Against Eating ‘Triangle-Shaped’ Nasi Lemak Because It Links To The Illuminati


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Source: thamkc & RTTNews

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Everyone loves nasi lemak, from the ones served piping hot on a plate to those delicious little banana leaf packets!

But now, one local preacher has since asked the general public to stop eating nasi lemak that comes in triangles. Why, you ask? Because of the Illuminati (insert X-Files theme music here).

The Hiburan Netizen Facebook page recently shared a screenshot of one of Ustad Harun Jalil’s posts, where he warned the Malaysians against eating triangle-packet nasi lemaks.

Nasi Lemak 1

“Whose idea was it to make triangle-shaped nasi lemaks? Think about it”, the preacher wrote.

He then linked these banana leaf packet nasi lemaks to the Illuminati, while claiming that it is a Jewish conspiracy to damaged the faith of the people.

“The nasi lemak package is a symbol of the illuminati. It is a Jewish conspiracy to damage the faith of those boycotting them.”


Netizens, on the other hand, are not having it.

Nasi Lemak 4

“This way of packing nasi lemak has been around for centuries, our staple rice dish is not a recipe from the West. Don’t be short-sighted. Our belief remains in Yang Maha Esa.”

Nasi Lemak 5

“Even nasi lemak packaging is becoming an issue. It’s obvious his mind is rotting.”

Nasi Lemak 6

“Just eat it. It has nothing to do with the Jewish people.”

Nasi Lemak 7

“The shape of nasi lemak has nothing to do with faith.”


Considering many underprivileged Malaysians are selling these ‘bungkus’ nasi lemaks as a source of income, maybe it’s best to leave it be and allow people to just enjoy their favourite food.

Do you think these ‘triangle-shaped’ nasi lemaks are linked to the Illuminati? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
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