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Planning To Settle Down Much Later In Life? Here Are 6 Things M’sian Couples Can Do To Prepare!


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For some of us, the thought of marrying our partner or even having kids right now is like a horror movie! Whether it’s our mental health or financial stability, we have our own reasons lah, which are 100% valid no cap. ☺️

Even so, who says you can’t get ready for the future anyway? Here are a couple of things you and your partner can do to prepare before settling down!


1. Pillow Money talk: Get intimate with each other…’s finances! 

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Having the “money talk” to understand your financial style and situation sounds sooooo ?. However, it’s absolutely an essential step that tests your compatibilities and compromises, as well as helps you plan for the debts and assets both of you will end up sharing – wouldn’t want to be shocked by your partner’s serious debt years down the road! ?

Here are some of the topics you two can start with:

  • Daily and/or monthly expenses
  • Assets (i.e. car, real estate, investments, savings) and debts (i.e. PTPTN loan, credit cards, personal loans)
  • Insurances
  • Child support (if you’re going to have kids)


2. “Marry” with a joint bank account first

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Sans marriage, nothing symbolises “we’re in this 4 lyfe!” than opening a joint bank account with your partner. It’s a great tool that helps plan your expenses together, build trust by being transparent with your spending, and earn more interest for even more savings (since you’ll be combining your deposits for a bigger sum)!

Simply use your joint account for anything that involves the two of you guys, such as property rental or house mortgage (if you’re staying together), car loan and couple holidays.


3. Go on loooooooong trips together!

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Going on holiday as a couple is hardly new, but doing it for an extended time period (minimum two weeks) is a simple (and fun!) way to get familiar with each other’s ACTUAL lifestyle and ready yourselves to eventually live together. Trust us, you’ll absolutely learn a few quirks or super specific preferences about your partner that you’ll want to brace for ahead of time. ?


4. Go for pre-marital screening anyway, even when not married

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If you two already decided you’re in this for the long run, why not go for a pre-marital medical check-up anyway? That way, you can prepare yourself and your future hubby/wifey by understanding your physical health, any underlying medical issues, as well as compatibility in the medical sense. 

Here’s what the screening can check for, depending on the clinic you decided on:

  • Fertility: Determine whether both parties have any fertility issues.
  • STDs (sexually transmitted diseases): Ensure neither have HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, gonorrhoea or herpes.
  • Blood grouping: Important to check for matching Rh factors and ensure a safe pregnancy.
  • Genetic testing: Further understand each other’s nutritional requirements, fitness routines and more.
  • Inherited diseases: Prepare for blood-borne diseases (i.e. haemophilia, thalassemia) that are very likely to be passed down to offspring.


5. Learn to keep relationship conflicts behind closed doors

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It’s perfectly natural to confide in our circle of friends or family after a lovers’ quarrel. Alas, it’s unhealthy in the long run (especially after marriage), because it not only affects how your loved ones view your partner, but also discourages constructive discussions with your partner. Instead, opt for a therapist/counsellor that you can divulge to while learning new ways to better resolve your relationship conflicts.


6. Having kids later? Freeze your sperm or eggs first!

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Did you know that your fertility rates drop drastically after your mid-30s??? ? We just found that out researching for the article, and it’s a need-to-know fact if you’re planning to be an older and more stable new parent. Which is why it’s a good idea to freeze and store your eggs or sperm first (officially known as “fertility preservation”) before you get older, so that they’re better quality and you’ll improve your chances of conceiving when the time comes.

It’s also recommended to do so in the event of cancer, especially when undergoing treatment, as they’re known to lower fertility rates too. We figure, better to be safe than sorry lah!


Can freeze eggs or sperm in Malaysia ah? Never heard before wor!

Tmc Test Pexels Edward Jenner 4033148

We may hardly hear about this option within our circle, but in reality, we actually have a fair number of clinics that specialise in fertility treatments. If you’re planning to maintain your fertility, you can check out TMC Fertility! 

TMC Fertility is one of Malaysia’s longest-running fertility treatment centres with over 25 years of experience, with advanced medical and technological facilities & skilled fertility specialists to serve your reproductive needs with affordable packages.

Here’s what they offer for their Egg/Sperm Freezing & Banking services:

Tmc Screening

  • Couple’s Screening package
    • Doctor’s Consultation: Face-to-face with TMC Fertility’s specialists.
    • Transvaginal Scan: Ultrasound probe to examine female reproductive organs.
    • Semen Analysis: Assess male fertility.
    • Anti-Müllerian Hormone Test: Evaluate female fertility.

Tmc Egg

  • Egg/Sperm Freezing packages 
    • Up to 4 consultations with specialists & ultrasound scanning.
    • Specialist procedure fees: Includes procedure planning & anaesthetic.
    • IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation, fertilising eggs outside of the body) Laboratory & OT charges for egg pick-up.
    • Freezing maintenance for one year, plus exclusive freezing maintenance bundles for subsequent years.

Tmc Lab 2 Pexels Polina Tankilevitch 3735740

Wah, pretty legit stuff ah! We definitely recommend starting with the Couple Screening package, which is only available until 31 December at RM550. You can also add on a urologist consultation (available at TMC Fertility, Kota Damansara only) for a more complete Couple Screening package, at only RM688 in total!

After that, if you’re keen, you can go for the Egg/Sperm Freezing packages, priced from RM8,888 onwards.

That’s not all TMC Fertility offers! From their world-class IVF services to in-depth preimplantation genetic testing (PGT), they’re on the way to becoming the region’s leading fertility treatment centre!

It’s A LOT to take in kan?

Math Hmm

Don’t stress! TMC Fertility is so experienced that they can help you address any concerns you have wan. Start with making a simple appointment on TMC Fertility’s website or contact +6018-2111 088 / +6016-2111 357 to find out what you and your partner can do to secure your future family!

We hope you and your partner can benefit from these! ☺️


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