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No Panic Raya: 5 Preparations All M’sians Should Start Doing Now For a Smooth Eid Celebration


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Who could forget the historic ‘Raya terkejut‘ that happened in 2022 when eid was announced one day earlier than expected? This super rare occasion sent Malaysians into total panic mode to complete last-minute Raya preparations. While it’s funny to reminisce now, it should also remind us not to repeat the same mistakes this year!

So, in order to help you be more prepared for Raya, we’ve listed out a few must-do preparations you should start making this Ramadan month!


1. Meal-prep your sahur and iftar meals for an easier Ramadan

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It can be stressful to prepare your sahur and iftar meals daily. To save time and energy, try to meal-prep over the weekends. Nasi Ayam Kunyit, Kung Pao Chicken and Sup Daging Thai are delicious and easy to whip up.

If you don’t like meal prepping, you can plan your weekly menu in advance and prep the cooking materials only such as marinating your chicken before freezing them, preparing big batches of minced garlic and onion and more.


2. Plan your finances before you go Raya-shopping

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Like other festivities, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement for Raya and spend beyond our means. But remember, Raya is just a few days whereas your salary needs to last for a whole month, okay!

So before you order that eighth jar of kuih raya, make sure to pay your bills and also set aside money for basic expenses like groceries, gas, toll, etc. You might also want to allocate money for a few festive needs such as duit raya for kids and servicing the car to balik kampung.


3. Settle your baju raya & kuih raya two weeks in advance

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Nowadays, there are so many options for kuih raya and baju raya available in the market to the point that it can get overwhelming to shop. If you do feel this way, be careful to not leave your shopping to the last minute!

Order your kuih raya at least two weeks in advance since most bakers won’t accept last-minute orders. As for your baju raya, you should also shop in advance since you’d need at least one week to send it to the dry cleaners (this way you won’t be rushing to iron your baju raya on Raya morning!).


4. Arrange your balik kampung journey to avoid the traffic jam

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If your balik kampung journey requires you to be on the road for hours, then there are certain things you can do to plan your journey ahead of time to avoid the traffic jam, such as:

  • Figure out the non-peak hours to leave the house (we’d recommend from midnight until after sahur time!).
  • Prepare snacks for the journey so you don’t need to stop at any R&Rs.
  • Get your car serviced so that you won’t encounter any problems on the road.
  • Take your Raya leave a couple of days earlier to get a head start on that balik kampung journey.


5. Spend more time on skincare so you’ll look picture-ready on Hari Raya

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We’re sure you’d want to look your best on Eid day since you’ll be meeting relatives all day long and taking tons of OOTDs. But we also get that Raya preparations can be stressful (especially if you leave everything to the last minute!) which can make you look worn out.

This is why you need to get these preparations done ahead of time to reduce that stress. It’s also important to have an effective skincare routine that you never skip during Ramadan to give your skin some TLC since it might become dehydrated when you’re fasting.

Wanna know a cheat code to always look refreshed? We’d highly recommend including a skin-boosting serum in your routine to amp up your skin’s hydration and make your skin glow at all times. And we know just the serum that you can try!

Now, Malaysians can reset any signs of stressed skin in just seven days with the L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum!

L 0070

Did you know that one bottle of this serum gets sold every minute worldwide? Amazing, right? 😱

If you have ever wished there was a reset button for your skin, then the Immortelle Reset Serum is precisely what you need! The serum contains 3,000 antioxidant-rich immortelle bubbles that can hydrate and smoothen your skin and also give you a healthy, glowy look. It also activates your skin’s stress-recovery process so that over time, your skin will be better able to handle stress and repair itself more effectively.

L 0090

Here are some other benefits of this serum:

  • The new and improved formula of this serum provides double the antioxidant power of Vitamin E.
  • It contains 100% natural oil from high-quality ingredients such as Immortelle essential oil, Acmella Oleracea extract, Marjoram extract and more.
  • It can reset signs of ageing & tired complexions as well as help with your skin’s hydration leaving you looking rested, revitalised and radiant.
  • The lightweight texture allows the serum to be absorbed into your skin quickly, delivering results more effectively.

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So, not only will this serum help to boost your skin’s hydration, but it is also key to looking well rested on Raya morning so that all your selfies will turn out looking flawless! 😉

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Want to try out the serum for yourself before purchasing a bottle? Here’s your chance! 

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Good news, Malaysians! If you want to experience the effectiveness of the L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Serum yourself, you can now redeem free samples of the serum at their stores to reset your skin in 7 days! All you have to do is:

  1. Visit this redemption link and fill in your details.
  2. Once you’ve submitted your details, a confirmation page will appear. Make sure to screenshot this page.
  3. Visit any L’Occitane store near you and show the screenshot to redeem an eight-piece trial kit for free!

If you’d like to reset your skin before Raya, make sure to start now. So, hurry and redeem your free sample of the Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum so that you can slay on Hari Raya!  😉

For more information on the serum or to shop, you can visit L’Occitane’s website here. You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram to receive updates on the product or any deals in the future!


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