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New Normal Raya Calls For A New Normal Style! 6 Innovative Home Appliances M’sians Can Check Out


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Source: SHARP & HappyFresh

After two years of not celebrating Hari Raya properly, Malaysians are now eagerly gearing up to go all out this festive month! If you’re looking to welcome some guests to your home, don’t forget to take some precautionary steps so you can provide a safe and hygienic space for everyone to celebrate! And speaking of which, you might want to check out some of these ‘new norm’ home appliances to complement this ‘new norm’ celebration!

Malaysians can celebrate Raya in style when you buy these ‘New Norm Living Products‘ from SHARP with complimentary bundles from FutureLab worth up to RM1,299!

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From home entertainment to kitchen solutions, they have it all! Read on to find out our top picks from this new line.


1. Heat up your dishes with this microwave oven to serve your guests with ease

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Another appliance that can come in handy this Raya season is the SHARP Mechanical Dial Flatbed Microwave Oven! This user-friendly oven is easy to clean and requires low maintenance. If you see some unexpected guests pulling up at your house, just pop those leftover ketupat in there and you’re good to go! We also love how:

  • The microwave comes with a wide ceramic flatbed without a turntable which means we can fit in more food at one time. The light-up dial control is also convenient to use.
  • You can say goodbye to fussy defrosting as this microwave can do that by weight or time. It also provides even cooking for every dish.

RCP: RM499 + FREE FutureLab Nion Negative Ion Comb (worth RM329)

The FutureLab Nion Negative Ion Comb can set your hair at a temperature of 180° which will ensure your hair stays styled longer without damaging it.

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2. Keep your guests happy & comfortable with an inverter air-conditioner

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Another really important thing you need to prepare is the air-conditioner in your house to ensure that your guests can celebrate comfortably! If you’re looking to upgrade, we think this SHARP AIoT Plasmacluster J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner is the ideal choice! Here’s why:

  • The Plasmacluster feature can cleanse the air from air-borne viruses and allergens to provide clean and fresh air indoors.
  • The J-Tech Inverter technology can provide consistent temperature while also save up to 65% on electricity. It also comes with upgraded AIoT Smart Control which enables you to connect the air-cond to your smartphone so you can observe the room temperature, record energy usage, receive maintenance alerts and more.
  • Having guests over? Don’t worry! This aircond can provide up to 15m long airflow with Coanda Technology!

RCP: RM2,650 + FREE FutureLab White Noise Diffuser (worth RM399)

The FutureLab White Noise Diffuser comes with a night light, 14 soothing ambient sounds and fragrance diffuser to help you sleep with ease.

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3. Got guests coming over? Make sure to purify your indoor air with an air purifier

51590326650 Hariraya

It’s totally understandable if you’re feeling a bit nervous about hosting a bunch of guests this festive season. So as an extra precautionary step, we’d recommend having this SHARP AIoT Plasmacluster Ion Technology Air Purifier at home that can purify the air from any pollutant or viruses! Here’s why we think it’s awesome:

  • The air purifier can reduce surface transmission of Covid-19 by 99.7% and the Alpha variant by 99.4%!*
  • It utilises 25,000 high-density Plasmacluster ions to remove air-borne mould and viruses. It also comes with a 3-step filtration and haze special mode.
  • The AIoT smart control lets you connect the Air Purifier to your smartphone so you can control it anywhere.

*Based on research conducted by the Department of Microbiology, Shimane University, Japan. 

RCP: RM2,999 + FREE FutureLab Cold White Ultrasonic Toothbrush (worth RM699)

The FutureLab Cold White Ultrasonic Toothbrush uses dental-grade blue light to whiten your teeth without damaging your gums and it can also remove tartar effectively.

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4. Clean all your baju raya in a jiffy with this washer dryer!

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Our Raya won’t be complete without having multiple baju raya outfit changes… which will also equal a pile of dirty laundry we’ll need to deal with! That is why you need to invest in this SHARP Pro-Flex Front Load Washer Dryer to be fully prepared! Here’s what we love about it:

  • The washer-dryer comes with a Dry Airwash Mode with Plasmacluster ion that can sterilise your clothes so they would be free of 99.9% allergen, bacteria and unpleasant odour.
  • You can also choose the steam and scent function to get your clothes feeling fresh all day.
  • It is equipped with J-Tech Inverter meaning you can save electricity consumption up to 47%!

RCP: RM4,199 + FREE FutureLab Whin Clothes Conditioning Set (worth RM1,099)

The FutureLab Whin Clothes Conditioning Set is able to remove dirt, stains and hairballs from your clothes and it can smooth out creases and wrinkles.

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5. Made too much ketupat and rendang? Then this maximised fridge is perfect!

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Did you know that the SHARP Pelican 2 Door Refrigerator has the largest freezer in the market? Yes, we’re not lying! We get that during Raya time, Malaysians tend to prepare big portions of ketupat and rendang to serve all of their guests. So if you’re in need of a place to store them, this is perfect for you! Other details that we love:

  • The fridge has a large capacity freezer that’s deep enough to store enough frozen food and meat for the whole family.
  • It also uses Plasmacluster Ion Technology that cleans the air within the fridge so that you can hygienically store your food without worrying about unpleasant odours or your food turning dry.
  • It comes with Deep Freezing Technology that can go as low as -24° so that your food stays fresh for longer. The Express Freezing function can make ice in just 120 minutes and it comes with a freezer organiser.
  • The fridge ensures the freshness of your food as it reduces temperature fluctuations, optimises the moisture levels and uses positive and negative ions to keep your food free from contamination.

RCP: RM4,599 + FREE FutureLab Cold White Ultrasonic Toothbrush (worth RM699)

Img Bottom Visual 02

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6. Entertain your guests with a home-cinema TV

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Entertainment is a must when you’re hosting guests during Hari Raya. What better way to do that than by watching all your favourite Raya shows on a brand new SHARP AQUOS THE SCENES 4K Android TV! This TV can provide a home-theatre experience with its visually stunning display. Here’s what we love about it:

  • This 4K HDR Android TV comes with a Deep Chroma Display with more than 1 billion colours for a more realistic and vibrant colour display.
  • Compatible with your favourite apps such as Netflix and Disney Plus. You can also install apps from Google Play.
  • It comes with two USB ports and a built-in Chromecast feature. You can also choose between two sizes: 60-inch & 70-inch.

RCP: RM6,999 + FREE FutureLab Clean Chariot Sterilization Robot (worth RM1,299)

The FutureLab Clean Chariot Sterilization Robot utilises ultraviolet sensor (UVC) sterilisation to thoroughly clean your floor and it also has a falling-prevention sensor.

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Sharp Cocorolife Rayacampaign2022 Microsite S 1 1

Have you found any appliances that you’re interested in? If you have, then we’ve got even greater news for you!

Purchase any SHARP products and sign up for the Cocoro Life e-Warranty programme for a seamless service experience!

What’s so awesome about it? We’ll tell you!

  • Cocoro Life is an AI-powered app that allows customers to activate the warranty of their products quickly and easily.
  • It also enables SHARP customers to monitor the service and maintenance status of their products to make sure everything is operating efficiently.
  • If any product is in need of service, customers can also make an appointment directly through the app which can quicken the turnaround rate of product services. Thus, ensuring their product lasts for a lot longer!

Screenshot 2022 04 13 111805

Not only that, but the Cocoro Life app also offers various rewards and benefits to customers which means they can save more along the way, too! So, if you’re thinking of purchasing any of the SHARP products we mentioned above, don’t forget to download the Cocoro Life app (available on App Store and Google Play) to make full use of your warranty, okay!

For more information on any of the SHARP products above, you can head over to their website here. You can also find out more about these bundles for SHARP and FutureLab products here.


What other ‘new normal’ changes will you be incorporating into your Raya celebrations this year? Share with us below!

Source: HappyFresh
Source: iStock
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Source: Awani
Source: Doc2Us
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