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Netizen Shares How Rewarding It was to Volunteer at Zoo Negara, Urges People to Try



Source: Awek Retro & CK Pets

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Tis’ the season to give back in any way possible and given Zoo Negara’s recent calls for help to keep their doors open, this trending post could be just what the zoo needs to see more people coming through its gates.

Twitter has been blowing up with netizens praising the experiences they’ve had volunteering for our national zoo. A post by Eros (@sunfloweraidil) highlighted a volunteer programme run by the zoo that he encourages people to take part in.

Though some did question the fact that you have to pay RM30 to join the programme, Eros pointed out that the money goes into maintaining the animals and the price for the experience is well worth it. That said, he also pointed out that those who would rather not pay can help out at the PAWS animal shelter instead.

With the posting came a flood of comments from those who have already participated and enjoyed their experience, and those who regularly volunteer and don’t plan on stopping.

One wrote,

“That’s true! I just recently joined as a zoo volunteer and got the savanna section. Once you’re done with work, you can go around the zoo, plus check out the pandas! I really recommend joining this zoo volunteer programme. It’s really fun!”

The programme clearly isn’t for the faint-hearted though, as Eros goes on to further explain how the zookeeper told him and his friend that being chased by a giraffe could be dangerous, and how a kick from one can break bones(!!) – but clearly that isn’t going to stop them from going again as they have already planned their next availability.

For those who are not comfortable volunteering with a zoo, Eros also posted a list of other animal-related volunteer programmes with great causes.

Source: Twitter

The posting regarding Zoo Negara’s volunteer programme has since garnered over 5,900 retweets and 5,600 likes.

Our furry friends are waiting for your help, act now before it’s too late for them! 


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