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Netizens Mock M’sians Who Ask Kids To Quit School While Believing In Weird Conspiracy Theories


Source: The New York Times & Live Science

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From ‘garlic can cure Covid-19’  to ‘the earth is flat’, we’ve all seen or heard our fair share of misinformation and hilariously outlandish theories spreading online. But while most of us know better than to believe these claims, others aren’t as discerning.

In a post published on 2 February, the Facebook page Harian Najisposting commented on how there are so many adults in Malaysia who are quick to ask kids to quit school, only to go on and believe these outlandish theories at the same time.

“I want to rant for a while. There are so many people like this in Malaysia now,” the post writes. ” They’re always busy convincing young people that they don’t need to learn and that they should quit school. Say it’s better to learn how to do business than to spend time studying.”

They go on to explain that they find it funny how the people who are the very adults that make these claims, are the very same who also complain that there aren’t enough scientists or experts who are Muslim or Malay because they all seem to want to become rich by running businesses instead.

“If you don’t learn and gain knowledge as a kid, you will grow up to mislead and spread misinformation.”

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When they were in school: What’s the use of studying science, geography and biology? It’s not like we use them in our everyday lives.

When they are adults: The earth is flat. 5G can cause cancer. Vaccines cause autism. This is all a conspiracy, I saw it on YouTube.

Netizens wholeheartedly agree

The post has since garnered over 4,000 shares and 300 comments, all of which are from Malaysians who completely agree with the Facebook page’s sentiments.


The best kinds are those who don’t believe in Covid-19 but yet they believe that clicking on someone’s WhatsApp status can steal your data hahaha.


What you’re saying is true… Too many idiots… I wasn’t told to continue studying but was told to learn business… they told me if I continued studying it would’ve been a waste… but it wasn’t my interests… In the end, I chose to live my own life and decided to continue studying… conservative mindset.

Rare 1

100% agreed. I do not want to insult our nation, but there are those among us who don’t have enough knowledge but want to suddenly claim this claim that because the dumbass who said it was convincing (in this case, the conspiracy theories). Same with religion, people don’t study the hadith completely, suddenly there are scientists giving detail chain of hadith that people use as the classic holler, Wahabi!!! In summary, go for a bucket of knowledge and do not go halfway. Steaks need to be medium rare but not too rare you donut.

Well, what do you think? Tell us in the comments!


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