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Netizen Cries Foul over Mistreatment of Wildlife by Ipoh Government



Netizen Crying Foul Over Wildlife Mistreatment By Local Government - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

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Malaysians are the most empathetic and compassionate when it comes to animal abuse issues. This is true for this Malaysian who condemned the actions of certain individuals in Ipoh, Perak on social media.

Taking to Twitter, JaeMie Teoh (@jaemieteoh) voiced her concerns over the entrapment of monkeys by the Department of Veterinary Services.

In her exasperated tweet, @jaemieteoh wrote,

“In Ipoh. Guys, please. Please, I beg you to be their voices. The monkeys are injured and they are scared as hell. They’re being taken away from the one place they call home.  We are staying in THEIR area, not the other way around. We have to help them regain their freedom. Please.”

As you can see from the photos, one of the monkeys was injured by traps.

It is understood that several vigilantes have taken action to free the monkeys. @jaemieteoh wrote of how a kind uncle in the area had unlatched the cage in an earlier incident.

@jaemieteoh’s brother attempted to free the monkeys again, but to his horror, found the cages securely locked this time.

In an updated tweet, @jaemieteoh’s brother approached the Department of Veterinary Services to clarify the issue at hand.

She wrote,

“Update, my bro went to the Department of Veterinary Services. They put the cage there. But I still have such a bad feeling about this. I don’t understand. Y’all want the glamour of ‘living close to nature’ in a ‘green area’ but can’t handle nature in its most beautiful form.”

@jaemieteoh argues that the Department of Veterinary Service should protect the animals and not residents. It is understood that the housing area is situated at a nearby hill in Ipoh Garden East, and the trapped animals will be relocated to a different location.

Condemning the actions of the Department of Veterinary Services, netizens have voiced out their opinions in response to the post.

Source: Twitter

One netizen expressed her hopes that the promise of relocation will be fulfilled by the department.

Source: Twitter

Another wrote, “Please RT for awareness. Pity these monkeys in Ipoh.”

Despite the criticism against the entrapment of the monkeys, some were in support of the apparent relocation, based on their personal experience on the matter.

Source: Twitter

One wrote, “This is their way to save the beruk from being shot dead by angry residents. If you let them do their job, the beruk will eventually be safe in the jungle. This SOP is legit.”


Source: Twitter

Another netizen shared her experience on the matter.

She wrote,

“Common SOP is to relocate the beruk, as they breed rapidly and are sometimes invasive. Best way is to neuter them but the local government usually don’t have the resources.”

Maybe it’s time that as human beings, we should understand our roles as ‘visitors’ when we invade the natural habitat of animals. Should a better SOP that doesn’t involve animal abuse be put in place by the local government?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments section and maybe better yet, those in Ipoh should call up their local government.

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