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Netflix M’sia Announces Additional RM13 Fee for Password Sharing & Users are NOT Happy About it


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A few months back, Netflix announced that they were eliminating password sharing between users who don’t live in the same household. The plan was eventually cancelled but the nightmare has returned. 

Just yesterday (24 May), Netflix Malaysia revealed that shared users of different households will be charged with an additional RM13. Currently, Netflix allows a maximum of 4 users in an account, where the users can binge-watch their favorite shows regardless of where they are (and live). 

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The basic and cheapest plan (RM17) allows only 1 user to watch from the mobile phone, while Netflix Premium, which comes at the price of RM55 allows 4 users to watch movies on different devices at the same time with the highest possible quality. 

This means premium users will need to pay at least RM68 monthly, depending on the number of shared users they have. However, shared users also have the option to move their profiles to a new membership which they will pay for themselves.

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In a statement released yesterday, Netflix Malaysia said that they will be sending out e-mails to users who don’t live in the same households to inform them about the additional charges.

“Your Netflix account is for your own use and those who stay within the household. Fret not, we’ve made things easier for you with the new features that were recently released in Malaysia,” Netflix Malaysia said in a tweet yesterday. 

“Creating more problems than solutions”

The initial announcement a few months back did not sit well with many users, and today, the decision has infuriated even more users who found it baffling. 

A user said goodbye to Netflix and hints at a potential subscription to Disney+.

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“Do you think those who are studying or working in other states live with their family?”

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“Nonsense. What about family members who don’t live in the same household? Or siblings who share the same Netflix account but study in different universities?”

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“Are you asking for cancellations, Netflix? You’re creating more problems than solving them. You should’ve focused on the securities for every account.”

In the meantime, some users also pointed out the possibility of “torrenting” movies, an Internet slang that means streaming or downloading movies illegally due to Netflix Malaysia’s recent decision. 

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Dear Netflix users, especially those with sharing an account with a primary user, do you say yay or nay to this plan?


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Source: 123RF

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