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Need a Change of Work Scenery? Here Are 5 Reasons Why M’sians Should Try Coworking Spaces!


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Source: Therese Reyes & Soulmates.my

As more employees are allowed to work remotely, Malaysians have been enjoying a host of advantages of working from home! That being said, working from home has its cons too, such as isolation from the outside world, endless distractions at home and God forbid your internet connection fails on you! So how do you escape the drawbacks of both WFH and in-office arrangements? By going to a coworking space, of course!

Unclear on how these establishments can work (no pun intended) for you? Here’s why Malaysians should consider hitting up a coworking space!


1. It increases your productivity!

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Arguably the best part of coworking spaces is that they’re great for enhancing the productivity of remote workers everywhere! As mentioned before, working from home comes with countless distractions: crying babies, needy pets, chores you “suddenly” feel like doing, the whole nine yards! Which is why a coworking space is the best place optimised for your efficiency by minimising most forms of interference and allowing you to be more prompt with your tasks!


2. Easier access to eateries, shops and facilities!

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Coworking is all about convenience, which is why a lot of them are typically located inside malls, business districts and near public transport and facilities. So, you can access a wide range of services and amenities including eateries, printing shops, convenience stores, retailers and many more within a short distance! Plus, despite being concentrated in the hustle and bustle of the city, these spaces are super conducive for holding physical or online meetings, making them the perfect makeshift conference room to hold discussions with coworkers or clients!


3. More flexibility for you, lower costs for your employer!

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Corporate working schedules be darned! At a coworking space, the only working schedule you need to follow is your own, because you can just enter and exit your “office” whenever you see fit! Set your own office hours that suit your tasks and your employers’ expectations the best! And speaking of employers, coworking spaces also benefit them too by sparing them the cost of maintaining their facilities such as internet, electricity, equipment, and food and drinks at the pantry, too! So it’s a win-win situation for everyone!


4. It can get your creative juices flowing better!

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Nothing dampens your imagination more than a dull and sterile workplace, kan? Well, coworking spaces are made to prevent that! More than just a place to keep your productivity in check, coworking spaces also boost your creativity! As these spaces boast state-of-the-art design and a vast range of amenities, coworking spaces are bound to inspire innovation when you’re working!


5. You can take back your work-life balance!

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Despite the guaranteed convenience and comfort, working from home can actually be detrimental to your work-life balance! In addition to the near-endless amount of distractions, working from home gives you the same view and environment every day. Plus, many WFH Malaysians are afflicted with the problem of being unable to separate their living space from their workspace!

That’s why coworking spaces are the best “middle ground” for your stress-free work routine! It leaves very little room for demotivation and helps you stay productive without impacting your private life!


Despite the many benefits of coworking spaces, choosing the right one can be a bit difficult. Which is why we recommend this nifty new coworking joint at IPC Shopping Centre!

With the Träffas Work Pods, IPC Shopping Centre is helping Malaysians work from home away from home!

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Träffas Work Pods are IPC Shopping Centre’s newly launched private work pods located in their Level 1 Link Bridge. Träffas is Swedish for “to meet” or “to get together”, which perfectly represents the main function of these five unique and cosy work pods where visitors can do individual work or converge with others for discussions or meetings!

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But these pods aren’t just for work; they’re also a perfect place for students to tend to their assignments or for busy parents to let their kids attend online classes in a more conducive environment! More than just your typical coworking space, these pods serve as multipurpose facilities made with your flexibility and convenience in mind!

To add to their variety of functions, the design of the Träffas Work Pods is inspired by vibrant Scandinavian aesthetics, with their selection of beautiful IKEA furniture and even the Swedish names of each individual pod which stay true to their Scandinavian roots!

Plus, to align with IPC’s sustainability focus, the coworking pods are built sustainably using recycled paper egg cartons for soundproofing and painted with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) coatings to reduce air pollution and allergy-causing toxins!

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“Wah, these pods sound so cool! How do I get hooked up with one?”

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Senang je! The Träffas Work Pods can be booked using the IPC Mobile App (available on the App Store and Google Play) or via their website Soulmates.my from 10.00am – 9.00pm every day! The entire process from booking to unlocking the work pods is fully digital for your convenience, too! So don’t worry about needing to cash out for these pods!

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You can choose from one of these five pods with different capacities according to your needs! And the best part?:

IPC is offering an introductory price for the month of October where renters can get RM10 off of the original hourly rate!

Blomma (Flower) – up to 6 pax
Price: RM30 RM20 per hour

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Vind (Wind) – up to 6 pax
Price: RM30 RM20 per hour

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Lov (Leaves) – up to 4 pax
Price: RM20 RM10 per hour

Img 0654


Solig (Sunny) – up to 2 pax
Price: RM20 RM10 per hour

Img 0651


Vatten (Water) – up to 2 pax
Price: RM20 RM10 per hour

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Once you start using these pods, you will be provided with a unique passcode to access your room and the digital timer in the room will start counting down until the end of your session. You can exit and re-enter your room without much worry as long as you have your passcode handy. And if there’s an emergency or a need for assistance, use the intercom in your room to get in touch with a staff member!

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And in addition to the hourly rates, users will also be subject to a one-off RM10 cleaning fee to keep the pods clean and sanitised for the next user. So feel free to “sneak” in your own snacks and beverages, BUT make sure to dispose of any leftover waste before the end of your session ya!

So how about it? Wanna have a go at these awesome work pods at IPC Shopping Centre? Then book your slot now with the IPC Mobile App (available for download on the App Store and Google Play) or via their website, Soulmates.my!


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