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Mustang Drivers Bashed For Inconveniencing KL Road Users By Blocking Traffic To ‘Refuel’ Car


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Source: Inforoadblock | Facebook

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It’s no secret that we all hate rush hour traffic, or any sort of traffic jam in general. But certain times, traffic jams cannot be avoided when there are a surge of cars hitting the streets or if there is an accident.

With that in mind, why do you think anyone would purposely contribute to a traffic jam? Perhaps for clout?

The Inforoadblock Facebook page recently shared a video showcasing Mustang drivers stopping their cars in the middle of a jammed Jalan Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur. Apparently, the first car (the yellow Mustang) had run out of fuel, while the other two (the orange and red Mustangs) stopped behind it.

Mustang 1

In the video, the person recording the video could be seen approaching the yellow Mustang driver, highlighting to him that the road is jammed before asking him if he ran out of fuel.

Instead of quickly refueling his car and moving on so that the cars behind him won’t be inconvenienced for long, the yellow Mustang driver decided to engage in a conversation with the person recording.

Mustang 4

I ran out of fuel la bro, I’m out of money this month bro. Pay road tax also already RM20,000 bro,” the yellow Mustang owner said.

Mustang 2

The person recording then told the Mustang owner that he should just rent the car instead of buying it.

“It’s embarrassing to drive a Mustang but you run out of fuel. Next time, just rent the car at (inaudible).”

Mustang 3

“Oh, you can rent it?” the driver asked before the person behind the camera responded with, “Yes, got bro, it’s easy.”.

The whole thing definitely feels like an advertisement for a luxury car rental service. 


But the question is, even if it was an advertisement of sorts, why did they have to do it in the middle of heavy traffic?

“If your car has broken down, push it to the side instead of letting it sit in the fast lane. We want to ask, driving a fancy car but you can’t afford to fill petrol? Don’t make dumb content until it inconveniences others,” Inforoadblock shared, and netizens echoed their sentiments.

Mustang 5

“These are the kind of people who don’t care what happens as long as they look stylish. Just inconveniencing others.”

Mustang 6

“Stupid. Using a luxury car but don’t have money to fill petrol. Troubling other road users. Just push the car to the side, how great do you think your Mustang is? Is there no lorries with broken brakes to wipe his car out?”

Mustang 7

“Maybe the car belong to this MLM scheme. Pretending to be rich. Don’t tell me you don’t know when you’re running out of fuel. And then pretend like you don’t know anything for the sake of content.”


So, what do you think? Did the Mustang driver really run out of petrol or are they pretending for the sake of creating an advertisement for some luxury car rental company?

Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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