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“We forgive you” – Mum of Viral SG Actor Caught for Khalwat Tells Netizens to Stop Criticising Her Late Parents


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Source: Instagram | fizaaziz

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When you’re caught in a controversial, you tend to be in the limelight especially if you’re well known. The Singaporean actor, Aliff Aziz who was recently caught by JAWI with Malaysian actress Ruhanies in her condo confirmed that nothing more than a conversation took place in her house.

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This time, Aliff’s mother, Fiza Aziz broke her silence after the criticism towards her family went overboard. According to Fiza’s IG post @fizaziz, following the alleged viral “Khalwat” case, Fiza has been receiving support in her DM but that’s not all. Many slid into her DMs and threw criticisms at her family, including those who were not involved.

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“Regardless, I accept everything with an open heart,” Fiza said.

However, Fiza is asking the public to stop with the criticisms that are directed at the “wrong targets”.

“We apologise, and we forgive you too”

Fiza explained that Aliff and her were not the only ones who had to swallow the harsh words from the public, but also her late parents (Aliff’s grandparents).

“They threw words at us, words that I can’t even share here. If you want to insult, keep my late parents out of it. I still have responsibilities to care for my late parents until my death.”

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Fiza also reminded the netizens NOT to go too far with their criticisms because the Almighty is watching.

“Trust me, God is still protecting you and not revealing your past disgrace. If all your embarrassments are spilled, you’ll know exactly what we’re feeling.”

In the meantime, Fiza also apologised to the public for what had happened. As for those who have been criticising her family, Fiza chose to be the bigger person.

“I forgive those who are too obsessed with something they don’t even know.”

Earlier, Ruhainies also clarified that nothing happened in the condo and it took her 30 minutes to open the door because she was fearing for her safety.

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On the other hand, Aliff’s wife, Bella has also filed for a divorce, and she has also forgiven Ruhainies and Aliff for the matter.


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