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M’sians Waste Food More Than Any Other Country in SEA, a Whopping 91kg per Capita per Annum!


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Source: Instagram | seasia.stats & 123RF

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Throwing away uneaten food might seem harmless compared to other problems, but the truth is, it’s just as damaging to the planet. And apprently, Malaysia is contributing a lot to the issue.

In a recent study, Malaysia has once again made its mark in the Southeast Asia rankings, but this time for a not-so-great reason: having the highest food waste production.

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Malaysia generates 2,921,577 tonnes of household food waste

Based on data collected from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Malaysia leads Southeast Asia in household food waste per capita, as reported by @seasia.stats.

The Food Waste Index takes into account all food waste, including both edible and inedible portions of food items. According to World Population Review, the data reveals that Malaysia generates 91kg of household food waste per capita annually as of 2021.

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Is it really a win despite being at #1?

Malaysia finds itself at the forefront of global food waste, surpassing even Singapore and Indonesia. And it’s safe to say that this win is definitely shocking.

Following closely behind are Cambodia with 86kg of household food waste and Laos in 3rd place, also with 86kg of household food waste based on World Population Review‘s findings.

Here are the complete rankings for the countries included in the study, along with their respective scores:

  • Malaysia – 91
  • Cambodia – 86
  • Laos – 86
  • Myanmar – 86
  • Philippines – 86
  • Timor-Leste – 86
  • Brunei – 80
  • Singapore – 80
  • Thailand – 79
  • Indonesia – 77
  • Vietnam – 76


You can read the full study here.


We win some, we lose some, right? Let’s hope us Malaysians can continue to strive for improvement and create a better environment!


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