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M’sians Slam Students Who Hog Seats at Family Mart, Causing Inconvenience to Customers with Families


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Source: X | AWATNINews & Inside Retail Asia

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With WiFi connections available ALMOST everywhere, it’s handy for those who need a break from working in the office. Students who mostly rely on the Internet also have the luxury to work anywhere they please, as long as they have access to a strong Internet connection.

At what point is this considered a hassle? Most cafes today provide Internet access to the customers, making the places filled with “nomad” workers. A group of students in Perlis, however, was said to have caused inconvenience to customers at a Family Mart, according to a post in the Facebook group Saya Anak Perlis, which was reshared by X page AWATNI Buzz and Isu Semasa Viral.

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In the picture, a group of students is seen hogging the seats with their laptops, causing inconvenience to customers with families who wanted to eat there. The students were focused on the assignments. When asked if they still needed to use the tables, the students allegedly responded,

“Yes, we’re still going to be here for a long time. We’re completing our assignments.”

According to the anonymous post, the matter was brought up to the employees of the convenience store and they had also reminded the students about the incoming crowd. But it was pointless.



“The staff told the students about it but it didn’t change anything.”

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The anonymous member of the group shared the image, in the hopes that Family Mart in that area can take action in order to handle this situation in the future.

Social media users, on the other hand, could relate to the anonymous customers’ frustration, and they were all baffled to see the students’ need to hog the seats.

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“How could they even work in that situation. I would be losing my focus because I love looking at crowds.”

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“Out of so many places, they chose Family Mart.”


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“Most of them were not even studying, but pretending like they were and talked till the morning. Not to mention the couples who were dating.”

“Might as well go to the public libraries. It’s comfortable, cold, wide, and there are even cafes if you’re hungry. But you needed to choose to study in a place smelled like Oden.”

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“Are these students homeless? As if there were no other places to go. Don’t they have libraries in their university? These are also the group of fresh grads that demand for RM8,000 of salary.”

“Do it in the mosque. It’s calm there and when it’s time for prayers, you can immediately perform your prayers.”

“I settled everything in my rented room. No such thing as healing at Mekdi or Family Mart for me. This is troublesome and this is why we’re annoyed at some of the students.”

Did you “remote study” back then? If you did, where was your usual hotspot, and what do you think of seat hoggers?


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