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“Food poisoning, but that’s not all!” – M’sians Share Why Ramadhan Bazaar Vendors Mustn’t Donate Leftovers


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Source: TikTok | studiokayangan

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One of the challenges of running a food business is to estimate the portions. Too much, you risk wastage and if you underestimate the crowd, you risk losing customers and getting only minimum sales.

In a TikTok post by @studiokayangan recently, a few vendors were seen disposing unsold drinks into huge buckets. The huge buckets were FILLED with unsold drinks, and given the unbelievable amount of wastage, one can only wonder how much the vendors made on that day.

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The unsold drinks that had been poured into the huge buckets were then absorbed into the lorries via tubes.

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The comment sections were filled with baffled netizens, who wondered why the drinks ended up in the huge buckets and not donated to others, such as the mosques.

An X user came forward and explained why leftovers, or unsold food and drinks from the Ramadhan Bazaars are not fit to be donated to others.

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“Food poisoning but that’s not all”

In an effort to explain to the curious netizens, the user highlighted the risks of food poisoning if the unsold food and drinks are eventually donated to others. Taking into account the time gap between the food preparation to the end of the day, food poisoning is not impossible as the food quality declines over time.

But that’s not all.

“There are proper ways to donate food and drinks, and giving away leftovers is not one of them,” he said.

In response to those who suggested the drinks to be given to the attendants in the mosque, the users said that it would only “double up” the job of the committee members in the mosque.

“If there is still leftover at the end, the committee members still have to clean up. It’s an extra task.”

Another X user also commented and elaborated on his statements, explaining in a detailed manner why food poisoning is likely to happen if the leftovers were donated.

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You can watch the TikTok video below.


Agk2 berapa byk jualan kt bazar yg tak habis, dibuang?? #kitarsemula #festivalramadanputrajaya2024 #pembersihanbazar #alamflora

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As consumers, the best we can do is to ONLY BUY how much we need, and not how much we THINK we need. Let’s do our part in avoid food wastage, we have no idea how a sip of drink and a bite of food mean a lot to those who can’t afford.


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