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M’sians Share 6 Useful Raya Preparation Hacks That Will 100% Make Your Life Easier


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While Raya celebrations are fun and heartwarming, there can be A LOT to do when it comes to preparations like cleaning and grocery shopping. If you also find Raya preparations tiring, don’t worry! We’ve compiled some useful tips and hacks to ease your preparation process. Keep on reading to find out more! 


1. Arrange guest visitations earlier instead of having an open house

“Instead of organizing an open house during Raya, I prefer inviting a fixed number of guests to visit throughout the day. This way, I can be sure that I’ve prepared enough food and duit raya for all my guests.” ⁠—Halim, 36

Having a fixed number of guests, you’ll get to plan and purchase just the right amount of gifts and groceries. Not only that, but you can also prepare duit raya earlier! Gone are the days when we fumble through our handbags for extra green packets when an unexpected guest turns up. ? 

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2. Do house maintenance at least two weeks before the festive season

“Last year, on the first day of Raya, the air con in the living room stopped working and all technicians I knew were on a holiday. Now we know that we have to conduct home maintenance regularly, especially before the festive season when we’ll be housing guests.” ⁠— Omar, 33

This is why you should never overlook or delay house maintenance. You don’t wanna host your guests with faulty home facilities, or start fixing those leaking pipes only to find out that the plumber is fully booked! ? Here are just some of the important maintenance we often overlook: 

  • Clogged refrigerator coils: release heat ineffectively, causing food to spoil
  • Undrained water heater: sediment build-up damages the tank
  • Clogged air ducts: collect contaminants that reduce indoor air quality 

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3. Purchase groceries online to save time

“I don’t head out to shop for groceries before Raya. Instead, I would buy groceries online and have them delivered to me. This is how I save more time for spring cleaning.” — Aisyah, 29

Most of us spend a lot of time looking for parking and queuing during grocery shopping. Now that we can order groceries online through delivery platforms, why not use that spare time for other tasks, such as spring cleaning and gift wrapping? ?

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4. Pre-wash and pre-cut cooking ingredients in advance

“I used to spend most of the time cooking in the kitchen during Raya. But since I started preparing cooking ingredients ahead of time, I have more time to spend with my family.” ⁠— Siti, 30

Other than grocery shopping, prepping cooking ingredients can also be tedious and time-consuming, especially if you’re cooking for a large group of guests! ? This is why many prefer pre-washing and pre-cutting cooking ingredients days before the festive season. Here’s how you can do so: 

  1. Wash your fresh produce thoroughly and pat dry. 
  2. Cut your fresh produce into the preferred sizes. 
  3. Place the fresh produce in between two paper towels to absorb excess moisture.  
  4. Store the fresh produce along with the paper towels in air-tight, freezer-safe containers and store them in the freezer. 

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5. Schedule your spring cleaning by breaking down tedious tasks

“I always plan my spring cleaning ahead of time so that I won’t be overwhelmed by the number of tasks. The tip is to break down the cleaning into smaller tasks, such as cleaning one room a day.” ⁠— Khairul, 27

We know too well that spring cleaning is one of the most exhausting chores to do before Raya. ? But luckily for us, there are effective ways to make our spring cleaning more efficient and enjoyable! By breaking down and scheduling heavy tasks, we can avoid last-minute cleaning which can be super tiring and demotivating. 



6. Invest in multipurpose cleaning appliances

“⁠The outdoor tiles at the porch and in the garden are the most difficult areas to clean as they usually contain stubborn stains and moulds. Now that I bought a high-pressure cleaner, I no longer have to spend hours scrubbing and washing the tiles!” — Luqman, 34

Even after breaking down and scheduling our cleaning tasks, there are still chores that are daunting and time-consuming. This is when multipurpose cleaning appliances come in handy! ? Here are some multipurpose cleaning appliances that you should consider trying: 

  • High-pressure cleaners: clean tiles, vehicles, fences, and garden tools
  • Vacuum cleaners: clean floors, carpets, and upholstered furniture
  • Steam cleaners: kill germs while cleaning floors, mirrors, kitchen sink and hob 

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If you’re not sure which cleaning appliances to choose, go for Karcher which is known for its world class cleaning technology!

Here’s why it’s reliable:

  • It was founded in 1935, and has since been striving to provide effective solutions to every cleaning task! 
  • The company is known to produce efficient and quality cleaning machines, accessories, and cleaning agents with amazing WOW factors to help with our cleaning.
  • The experts in Karcher have been actively conducting in-house research with private and professional operators to produce top-notch cleaning products! 
  • Karcher’s cleaning equipment are not only user-friendly but also feature-rich and sophisticatedly designed.

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Are your Raya preparations packed with cleaning chores? If so, it’s time to ease your Raya spring cleaning with some awesome Karcher products, because #RayaMestilahWOW! ? Here are some of the products we highly recommend:

Pw Wow Editorial Visual 49 Ci20 96 Dpi Jpg

This pressure cleaner is designed to clean every surface at the right pressure. As compared to a garden hose, it has 50 times more cleaning power and saves up to 80% more water. Besides, its Turbo Dirt Blast gives an additional 100% cleaning power as compared to a fan jet! The pressure cleaner comes with:

  • Three pressure settings and one detergent setting: giving users full control over the equipment
  • Quick Connect technology: for easy connection to a high-pressure hose and other accessories

Not only that, this cleaning device is designed to function at a low centre of gravity to ensure users’ safety, especially when cleaning on angled surfaces. WOW, how thoughtful is that?! ?

Db 180 Top Db 145 Middle Stairs App 1 Ci15 96 Dpi Jpg 1

Here are just some of the things you can clean using this quality pressure cleaner:

  • Bicycles
  • Garden tools and equipment
  • Garden, patio or balcony furniture
  • Fences and garden paths or paving stones
  • Motorbikes and scooters
  • Cars

G 160 Q Power Control Motorbike Close Up App 01 Ci15 96 Dpi Jpg 1

If you’re new to using a pressure cleaner, don’t worry! You can access helpful information via the Kärcher Home & Garden app, which offers assembly instructions, maintenance and care instructions, as well as practical cleaning tips for various cleaning situations. WOW, it’s so convenient! ? Download the app from Google Play and App Store now! 

Psst… if you buy a Pressure Cleaner K 4 Premium Power Control before 30th May, you’ll receive a Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner VCH 2 for FREE!



Vc 4S Cordless Plus Yellow Ground App 10 Ci15 96 Dpi Jpg

This vacuum cleaner features a slimline and lightweight design that promises effortless and ergonomic cleaning. Its floor nozzle comes with a 180° hinge that allows for easy manoeuvring, even in hard-to-reach areas. Having equipped with the Eco mode, this device can be used for up to 60 minutes on a single charge!?

Besides, it consists of a brushless high-speed motor and a large motorized floor nozzle. Along with the multi-cyclone cleaning system with HEPA 12 filter, this vacuum cleaner promises strong and constant suction power. That said, you can easily clean any surface using this cordless vacuum cleaner! WOW, isn’t that awesome?!

This vacuum cleaner is incredibly versatile thanks to its 2-in-1 device made for diverse cleaning jobs. It can be used to clean: 

  • All types of floors: hard floors, carpets
  • Tiles and parquet
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Cars  

Vc 4I Cordless Plus Parquet App 01 Ci20 300 Dpi Jpg

Eager to bring Kacher’s cleaning appliances home? Head to the nearest Karcher centres or shop online via Kacher’s website

With Karcher’s multipurpose cleaning appliances, you can now lighten all tedious and exhausting chores to better prepare for the festive season! ? It’s about time we simplify our Raya preparation to save more time and energy, because #RayaMestilahWOW

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For more information regarding Karcher’s products and services, visit Karcher’s website or follow them on:

Are there any other Raya preparation hacks that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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