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M’sians Share 6 Household Disasters Their Husbands Caused When They Tried To Help During MCO


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In a typical family unit, there is usually one partner who is much more familiar with the house chores and the household would simply fall apart without this partner. On the other hand, you have the other partner who probably isn’t as well versed in anything household-related too because they’re barely home. But what happens when a global pandemic strikes and the one who knows nothing about house chores is now stuck at home?

They have to help around the house of course!

This does not necessarily mean it’s a good thing because here are some of the disasters caused by husbands and fathers who barely do any housework, and the ones who suffer their aftermath is the entire household.

1. Wife finds scorch marks on her son’s baju sekolah after asking the husband to help iron it

Scorch Marks

One wife in KL who had asked her husband to help iron their kid’s school uniform as she was preparing dinner got a rude shock the next day as she was helping her child get ready for school. There were scorch marks in the shape of an iron and she immediately knew who the culprit was. It turns out that her husband had no idea what temperature setting is needed so he just put it on ‘high’. Suffice to say, the bas sekolah ride to school must have been very interesting for their kid and his classmates.


2. Husband microwaves ikan bakar in tin foil thinking it will heat up faster and more evenly

Microwave Flaming

A husband who worked past dinner decided to heat up some leftover ikan bakar his family had for dinner. Thinking that he had a great idea that will make his food heat up faster and more evenly, he did the absolute worst thing anyone could do with a microwave: he wrapped the leftover ikan bakar with tin foil and stuffed it in the microwave.

We won’t go into details of what happened, but basically, your microwave will turn into a flaming ball of fire.


3. Man mistook sugar for salt, stores them in the same container

Salt Sugar

A wife who had just come home with groceries to make kuih asks her husband to help refill their sugar jar with the bag of sugar she just bought. Instead, he just picked up a bag of (what looked like) sugar–but was actually salt–and filled the sugar jar with it. That night when the kuih was ready, the entire family had a salty surprise.

Just imagine the look on their faces!


4. Husband who treated an expensive non-stick frying pan like a normal kuali

Scratched Pan
At this point, this pan is only good in PUBG

A lady in KL shared her story of noticing scratches and scrapes on her very expensive non-stick Teflon frying pan. It seems that during the MCO, her husband had been cooking his own breakfast and used a metal spatula with the non-stick frying pan! Anyone who owns these Teflon frying pans will know the frustration of having it ruined by those who think it can be used just like any plain kuali.


5. Husband who was tasked with watering the house plants drowned them in a week

Drowned Plants

Yes, it’s possible to drown a plant and one man did exactly that during the MCO. He was asked to take responsibility for watering all the house plants and instead he killed them all by over-watering them for over a week. RIP to his wife’s cili padi, selasih and pudina plants.


6. Husband offers to help basuh baju, ends up with a foam party instead

Overflowing Washer 1

That’s one way to start a foam party

A woman who had asked her husband to help with the laundry only found a room that looked like a foam party in Ibiza. He had thought that all detergents are the same so he bought detergent for top load washing machines when they actually own a front-loading one. While his initiative was appreciated, he could have asked if there are different types of detergent first.

The conventional top-loading washing machines use normal detergents that make a ton of sud, which is fine for that type of washer. Make sure you get the right type of detergent for your machine so that your house doesn’t look like this:


For front load washing machines, you need to use a high-efficiency (HE) Low Suds detergent. If you use regular detergent, it will produce way too much suds in your front-load washing machines (which use significantly less water) and your clothes won’t get rinsed through thoroughly enough. Hence, causing damage to the washing machine’s drum and leaving detergent residue all over your clothes.

So if you’re on the lookout for a good one for a front-loading machine, make sure you check out HE detergents like the TOP Smart Clean (Low Suds) detergent which boasts special features like:

  • Micro Clean Tech from Lion Japan
  • Anti-Sebum innovation that penetrates deep into fabric cores to pull out trapped sebum and sweat stains.
  • Effectively removing both visible and invisible stains that cause unpleasant odours, dullness and yellowing of clothes.

It’s also specially formulated for front-loading washing machines! Gentle on the washing machine’s drum, saving you from spending on unnecessary repairs.

P.S. It’s highly recommended by electronic brands like Electrolux!

This is what they look like and they come in 2.7kg and 4kg bottles!

Top 2KgLow Sud Pack 4Kg 1

Interested to try out this Low Suds detergent and get rid of those nasty stains? Get yours now from Shopee or Lazada!

Find out more about TOP Smart Clean HERE or follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed on new laundry products too.

And remind your partner to choose TOP Smart Clean (Low Suds) detergent next time. It’s perfect for front loaders!

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