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“T20 wants to go shopping 1st” – M’sians Outraged by Delay in High-Value Goods Tax


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Source: 123RF & The Luxury Closet

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On January 1, 2024, the Malaysian government implemented the Low-Value Goods (LVG) Tax, which imposed a 10% tax on the import of items worth RM500 and below being sold online.

This led many Malaysians to become unhappy as it affected their choice to make purchases through online marketplaces where they often found their essential items being sold at more affordable prices than in physical stores.

Now, they’ve further become enraged as the government has announced the delay of the High-Value Goods (HVG) Tax which was supposed to be implemented on May 1, 2024. Taking to their Facebook page, New Straits Times announced the authorities’ decision.

Delay 9

They wrote, “Implementation of High-Value Goods Tax delayed.”


According to a report by The Edge, one of the reasons why the HVG Tax is being delayed is because the Ministry of Finance had not introduced the HGV Tax Bill in a recent Parliamentary session despite having planned to.

Additionally, a source allegedly told them that the authorities are having disagreements over what should be considered high-valued goods and what shouldn’t be, as well as the price range of these items.

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This comes days after the Ministry of Economy shared that M40 and T20 community members can receive targeted subsidies depending on their gross income, but will need to register for the Central Database Hub (PADU) to be eligible.


Tax the poor now, tax the rich later or never?

Considering that the HGV Tax would mainly affect the T20 community, the announcement of its delay caused outrage among Malaysians.

They believe that the government is quick to tax the poor while the rich get to enjoy the delay in the implementation of the tax while they purchase their luxury, non-essential goods.

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“Why? Anything to do with the poor, will be implemented immediately. If it’s for the rich, all kinds of excuses are given.”

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Do you think that it’s fair for the government to delay taxing the rich on non-essential, luxury items while the underprivileged are taxed for purchasing affordable goods online?

Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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