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M’sians Divided Over New Speed Camera Installed on PLUS Highway Northbound After Menora Tunnel


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Source: @hezerisamsuri | X

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A newly installed Automated Awareness Safety System (AWAS) camera, formerly known as the Automated Enforcement System (AES), just after the Menora tunnel in Perak on the PLUS expressway northbound caught the attention of Malaysians recently, with many divided on the new speed camera’s location.

A video of the new AWAS camera being installed at the location was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by local automotive journalist and content creator Hezeri Samsuri and has since been viewed over 123,000 times, sparking a debate in the replies.

AWAS camera installed right after the Menora tunnel

Screenshot 2024 05 19 At 1.11.49 Pm

In the X post, a video recorded inside a vehicle was attached, showing the downhill road just after the Menora tunnel on the expressway while the left lane was closed.

Screenshot 2024 05 19 At 1.12.03 Pm

As the vehicle moves closer, workers can be seen installing the AWAS camera by the side of the expressway.

Screenshot 2024 05 19 At 1.12.21 Pm

In the caption, Hezeri asserted,

“Is it true that a camera is already installed here? The downhill road from Menora tunnel to Kuala Kangsar. If it’s true, then congrats! We’ve been asking for this for years! Tq!”

Screenshot 2024 05 19 At 1.12.39 Pm

Watch the video here:

Malaysians are divided on the new AWAS camera’s location

In the replies, many Malaysians share their 2 cents on the installation of the AWAS camera, with some asserting that it’s about time there’s a speed camera there, while others claim that the camera brings more harm than good.

One commenter said that he’s grateful that the AWAS camera is finally installed at the location because he uses the road daily. Many heavy vehicles such as buses always drive dangerously beyond the speed limit there.

Screenshot 2024 05 19 At 1.04.12 Pm

The sentiment was shared by another commenter who shared that the downhill road is where all vehicles should drive slowly and that speeding heavy vehicles could cause fatal accidents if they encounter any brake problems.

However, a few Malaysians disagree with the installation of the AWAS camera. One of them claimed that having a speed camera there would only worsen the already horrible traffic conditions at the Menora tunnel.

Instead, he urged the relevant authorities to either add a new lane at the location or build an alternative route around the Menora tunnel.

Screenshot 2024 05 19 At 1.04.48 Pm

Besides, one commenter said the speed camera would only make people freak out and press the brakes after the Menora tunnel.

He added that since road users will likely face glare right after exiting the tunnel, they might not notice these vehicles pressing on the brakes and, accordingly, causing accidents.


So, what are your opinions on the matter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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