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“1 burger is RM16!” – M’sian Visits TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar & Shocked at Food Prices, Calls it T20 Bazaar


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Source: TikTok | marissawong96 & Foursquare

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Ramadhan Bazaar lovers, assemble! With about 20 days left to go, how many bazaars have you visited, and are you happy with the food, as well as the prices?

With the prices of goods increasing, it’s no surprise that most vendors have to jack up the prices of their menus. In her TikTok post @marissawong96, Malaysian content creator, Marissa recently visited the famous Ramadhan Bazaar in TTDI, and she had no idea what the bazaar had in store for her. We’re not just talking about the food but also the shocking prices!

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“1 burger for RM16, no fries no drinks!”

At the bazaar, Marissa was taken aback by the price of a cup of beverage, which cost her RM8! 

“I know the number 8 means ong (luck) for some people, but not for me,” she joked.

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Back then, we could get some popiahs for less than RM5 but according to Marissa, the ones at TTDI bazaar cost her RM6. Surprised yet? Here’s what that will probably make shock you.

Marissa noticed one of the burger stalls charges its customers a whopping RM16 for one burger, NOT INCLUSIVE of any fries and drinks.

“I understand that the visitors are hungry and they are willing to pay for the food. But I feel like it’s so expensive, like, why?”

In her caption, Marissa also described Ramadhan Bazaar in TTDI as “T20 bazaar”.

Is it all just about profit now?

In a conversation with WORLD OF BUZZ, Marissa said that it was actually not her 1st visit to the bazaar in TTDI, but it was definitely her first experience of being surprised by the “content” of the place.

“I went there last year and it wasn’t this crazy. This year’s price is ridiculous.”

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Marissa also told WORLD OF BUZZ that as compared to her previous visit, the food options were much less this time. In terms of the pricing, Marissa also said that she had a feeling that this year, it’s all about the profits.

“Last year, the vendors had more varieties. This year, the vendors gave off the vibe that they are just selling to make profit. This is sad.”


Guys, TTDI bazaar is T20

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To all foodies out there, what do you think of the pricing in TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar and other bazaars in general? Which place has been your top choice so far?


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Source: Foursquare

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