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“You used blackmagic on me!” – M’sian Student Falls for Lecturer After Drinking the Tea He Made


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It’s not unusual for a teacher or a student to develop romantic feelings for each other, especially if one or both of them have been single for a long time. However, what’s not normal is when black magic comes into play.

In a recent anonymous confession sent to @detikseram, a woman shares an unsettling experience of how she found herself blindly falling head over heels for someone from her university.

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The woman reveals that she’s a student at a public university in Selangor. She goes on to share how she developed feelings for her lecturer during her first semester.

The young lecturer, who is in his 30s, was still single and unmarried at the time. She expressed how everything seemed fine and normal until he began instructing her to meet with him alone.

“There’s something about him that just feels off. I realized it when every time he instructed me to consult with him about assignments, he would always ask me to come alone while others could come in groups.”

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Unusual goat painting

The woman decided to brush it off and went to see the lecturer to get her assignment done and over with.

When she arrived at the lecturer’s office, she couldn’t help but notice the odd paintings on the walls, like the one with a goat’s head, which creeped her out.

“I’m not sure if collecting odd-looking paintings is his hobby,” she added.

He then offered the woman tea before they proceeded with their assignment discussion.



“You’ll get a boyfriend eventually”

After the session, the lecturer began asking personal questions. He was curious to know if the woman was single, to which she confirmed that she was.

The woman then recalled how he responded with what she described as a sinister laugh, assuring her that she would eventually find a boyfriend.

The student quickly found herself eagerly looking forward to their daily meetings, even on weekends, and began to distance herself from friends.



He laughed sinisterly, and never bothered her again

As their relationship progressed, she soon became the lecturer’s favorite student, consistently earning good grades in the subject, and they eventually entered into a secret relationship.

Soon after, the woman started to feel concerned about her health as she noticed pimples appearing on her face, along with a significant weight loss and strange dreams towards the end of the second semester.

Feeling uneasy, she decided to end the relationship. She spoke to the lecturer, expressing her suspicion that he might have used black magic to manipulate her feelings. Returning all the gifts, including a ring, she firmly warned him never to disturb her again.


You can read the full story down below:

You could call us old-fashioned, but if you want someone to like you, maybe just treat them to dinner or something.


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