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M’sian Shares Why She Used Husband’s Axia For Wedding Instead of Fancy Car



M'sian Lady Shares Why She Uses Husband's Axia For Wedding Instead of Renting a Fancy Car - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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Every day, millions of statuses are uploaded on Facebook, but we find this particular one inspiring and uplifting.

A Malaysian lady named Jenny, recently became incredibly viral after she posted her thoughts about wedding cars on Facebook. In the short post, she challenged the social norm of renting a luxurious car for weddings.

Source: Pinterest

Here’s what she said.

“For my wedding, we used my husband’s Perodua Axia as the wedding car.

“I just don’t want to splurge a few hundred ringgits to rent a luxurious car for a brief moment. I rather use that few hundred ringgits to pay for my husband’s car installment.”

If we really think about it, is it really worth it or a necessity to rent a posh car on your wedding day?

Jenny continued saying, “Although our wedding dinner wasn’t a grand one, and it was just a buffet dinner held at a restaurant, we were satisfied and contented with it.”

“That wasn’t an ordinary buffet dinner, because everyone could eat as much as they wanted and even pack some food home after that.

“The guests didn’t have to wait for a long time for the dishes to be served, and the food was as good as the ones in banquet dinners.” 

Others may criticise her for not having a grand wedding dinner for such a special occasion, but for Jenny, nothing else matters as long as she is happy with the ceremony.

Her post received many reactions from netizens and within two days, over 15,000 people reacted to her post. Many commended her for being practical and spending within her means.

“If you can afford to use your own car as the wedding vehicle, you should be proud of yourself,” a netizen said.

“A simple wedding ceremony is the best. In fact, the simpler the better! As long as you and your husband are both happy, nothing else matters,” another Facebook user commented. 

Let’s not kid ourselves, a lot of youngsters these days have taken up loans and some even come close to bankruptcy just to lavishly spend on their wedding ceremony. They would then spend years to repay the loan. Is it really worth it? 

What’s your thought on this guys? Do you agree with what Jenny said?


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