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M’sian Shares How He Has RM800 Left From His RM4,000 Salary After Buying His First House


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Source: Facebook

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Life hasn’t been easy for all of us especially after the pandemic. Many people have been trying their best to make ends meet and for some, buying a house could be a goal that seems unreachable for the time being.

Recently, this Malaysian has shared about purchasing his very first house on a Facebook page. In the post, he mentioned,

Alhamdulillah I’m so thankful that I’m able to purchase my own house, but I was really shocked when I saw my pay slip. I was left with RM 800 after deducting all of my necessary commitments, but I know I’m not alone. We can do this.”

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He then shared a picture of his notes recording down all his expenditures. From his picture it could be seen that out of his RM4,472.94 salary, RM3,659 is used for his commitments which includes:

  • Insurance: RM300
  • Phone bills: RM90
  • Housing loan: RM1,600
  • Utilities: RM150
  • Kutu: Rm400
  • Coway (water filter system): RM85
  • Petrol: RM300
  • Car loan: RM725

Many netizens were impressed with his achievements and offered their encouragement towards him.

Here’s what some of them said:

“It’s definitely hard when you first buy a house. It’ll take about a year or 2 for you to feel stable again. InshaAllah everything will be okay; may God help us through our hardships.”

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“First 3-4 years will definitely be difficult. Especially for single moms like me. I think it’s okay that you have RM800 left. I once only had RM200+ as extra. I had to pick up some tuition classes to help with household expenses and thankfully it was enough to cover the expenses for my child and me. I reduced a lot of expenses for example, I take the basic plans for Astro.

I was also owing my father some money and I was able to pay my father back in a year or so as I didn’t have enough money. Once my salary increased, I started paying again. Thank God I’ve finished paying.”

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“When I read the comments, I realized that a lot of us are struggling. Congratulations to all of you as you’re making you and your family proud. Just don’t forget to trust in Him and everything will be okay.”

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“RM800 is good enough. I have Rm100 left and I believe in Him. Thank God I’m able to survive until the end of the month.”

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It’s truly impressive to see people achieve their goals! Keep up the good work fellow Malaysians, life is not easy but we’re happy to see you thrive. 


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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