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M’sian Man Urges Everyone to Avoid Marrying Someone from the Family Tree Due to Genetic Side Effects


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Source: X | meinmokhtar & 123RF

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Consanguine marriage is marriage between individuals who are blood-related, typically involving family members who are at least 2nd cousins or closer.

In a recent confession shared by @meinmokhtar, an anonymous man expressed his thoughts on consanguineous marriage, a common practice in the Iban community of Sarawak.

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“Say no to consanguine marriage!”

In hopes of raising awareness, the anonymous man shared that one of the main reasons for consanguineous marriage is to preserve their lineage.

He further explained that such marriages are most common among family members who marry their own cousins, typically up to their 2nd or 3rd cousin.

“Marrying someone within the family tree isn’t recommended for a reason.”

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It could affect someone genetically

The man continued to emphasise the negative effects of consanguineous marriage, which can impact a person’s genes. He highlighted concerns that babies born from such marriages could face serious health issues.

“Since you have access to the internet, please do your research on consanguineous marriages and their genetic implications.”

He then revealed that his concerns came from seeing his own family members giving birth to children and grandchildren, all of whom are having health issues due to such marriages.

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“How does one fall for their own cousin?”

The man continued to express his concerns by questioning whether those in consanguine marriages worry about the future of their descendants.

“I can’t understand how anyone could develop romantic feelings for a family member. It’s something I can’t even imagine without feeling repulsed.”

He then explained that his reason for wanting to spread awareness isn’t to attack the Iban community, but rather to provide an eye-opening experience for those who are still unaware of the negative impacts of consanguineous marriages.

“If you’ve fallen for your own cousin, it might be worth reflecting on and reconsidering your decisions.”

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Is consanguineous marriage worth preserving your bloodline if it puts your children’s health at risk? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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