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M’sian Lecturer Finds Student Asleep on Classroom Floor & Decides to Take Photos Instead of Waking Him


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Source: TikTok | nunnnn3600

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Attending classes can be exhausting, especially after staying up all night to study for an upcoming exam or to finish an assignment. As a result, they’re often exhausted the next day and might end up falling asleep in class.

In a recent video shared by @nunnnn3600, she captures an amusing moment with her classmates as they discover a student sleeping on the classroom floor at a university in Melaka.

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The students chose to hang out in the classroom instead of going home

In the video, a lecturer can be seen staring at the student, finding it amusing that he could sleep so comfortably on the floor. What added to the humour was the lecturer’s decision not to wake him up but rather to take a picture of him instead.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Nun shared that they had a 3-hour lab session followed by a lunch break. During this break, some of the students chose to stay in the classroom rather than going home.

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Sleeping on the floor is much more comfortable!

Nun went on to explain that during their break, it started to rain heavily, which made some of them feel sleepy, leading some students to fall asleep instantly.

However, one student in particular chose to sleep on the floor because it felt more comfortable than sitting in a chair.

“When the rain started, my friend thought it’d be more comfortable to sleep on the floor. Luckily, there weren’t many people around.”

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Their lecturer started taking pictures of the student

Nun revealed that after the lunch break ended, their lecturer arrived in the classroom. Instead of waking the sleeping student up, Nun and the other students decided to leave him there to tease him.

“Our lecturer found it amusing and just laughed. He even took pictures of the student.”

She then mentioned that the student only woke up after hearing her and the others laughing.


You can watch the amusing video down below:


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Let’s hope the student didn’t catch an earful from the lecturer when he got up from his beauty sleep. What was your experience falling asleep in class? Let us know in the comments down below!



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