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M’sian Husband Makes Birthday Coupons For His Wife & It’s The Sweetest Yet Funniest Thing Ever


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Source: TikTok | zatyadam

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When it comes to gift-giving, many spouses will crack their heads open to try and decide what would make a great surprise for their partners. But one Malaysian husband has probably taken the cake for an incredibly innovative idea that surpasses all surprises.

Malaysian TikTok user Nurul Izzati recently shared images of a present her husband gave her for her birthday to her account @zatyadam. Creative beyond words, Izzati’s husband made a custom coupon booklet with vouchers his wife can use over the course of the next year in relation to their relationship.

Covering every detail to a tee, the vouchers were purple in colour and had a designated time frame for when she could use each piece.

Here are some of the vouchers Izzati’s husband created:

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Img 2076

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Img 2080

Img 2084

Img 2083

From a massage coupon which required her husband to rub her feet for 30 minutes to a candlelight dinner for one night only, there was also a staycation coupon with a time-frame for any number of days.

One coupon specifically for rest and relaxation forbade Izzati from doing any chores around the house for 24 hours, while another coupon stated that Izzati’s husband had to fold all the laundry and arrange it neatly as well.

Every coupon also came with a clause at the bottom, which stated that all vouchers could not be returned or exchanged with other people.

Img 2087

Img 2082

Img 2090

Receiving major praise online, many people applauded Izzati’s husband for finding a unique gift to give to his wife for her birthday, not only in creativity but also in consideration and recognition of the work she regularly does around the house.

While multiple commenters asked Izzati where her husband purchased the gift, it was later revealed that he had made the entire booklet himself, a one-of-a-kind present for his wife. One commenter even said that Izzati’s husband should start a business by creating these booklets.

Img 2071

Img 2069

Img 2074

One user also stated how she would want one for her husband instead, as he doesn’t find time for himself at all, while another added that she received something similar from her nine-year-old during a previous birthday.

“Do they have this for husbands? Because I feel like he needs more me-time than me. When I ask him to go and mingle with his friends, he doesn’t want to. Maybe this method will be more effective and he’ll start to relax,” light-heartedly added one user.

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Another user also jokingly added that she was very excited to see the coupons despite being single herself.

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Click here to see the full series of photos on TikTok.

A gift from the heart trumps anything else! To all spouses, it’s time to explore your inner creative.


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