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“Stress, blood pressure” – M’sian Health Experts Say You Might Die Early if You Spend Too Much Time in Traffic


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Source: Utusan & 123RF

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To those who commute to work by driving, especially those in Klang Valley, you might want to see this.

Public health medical expert from UKM, Professor Dr Sharifa Ezat Wan Puteh warned that spending long hours in traffic can lead to serious health problems, including early death! It’s not just about the risk of accidents but also the stress and air pollution, which may have slipped off our minds.

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Diseases and air pollution!

According to a video report by the New Straits Times, the time spent sitting in your vehicle while being stuck in traffic not only leads to stress but also bodily pain such as on your back and neck.

“This can increase risk of leg edema due to reduced blood circulation and deep vein thrombosis.”

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Outdoor air pollution, which the World Health Organisation (WHO) has labeled as a major risk to health has caused the death of over 3.7 million worldwide, all thanks to the spread of particulate matter from vehicles on the road.

Here’s what else you might get from the air pollution and spending excessive time in traffic,

  • Chronic lung diseases
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Asthma

The list of diseases goes on and on

Dr. Rama Krishna Supramanian, a specialist in occupational and public health medicine from UM also shared some insights about the repercussions of spending too much time in traffic.

He shared a Swedish study that reported if you spend 5 hours per week travelling, sleep problems await you! And that’s not the only risk.

“The stress & frustration associated with commuting, especially in heavy traffic or crowded public transport, can take a toll on one’s mental health.”

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Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety might sneak their way into your life if your energy is spent in traffic.

More time in traffic also means less time for your own, including leisure activities and exercise, which will impact your work-life balance as well as your health.

To those driving to work every day, are you considering public transport as another alternative? How do you cope with the hectic traffic and work?


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Source: Utusan
Source: 123RF
Source: 123RF

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