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M’sian Gets Food Poisoning After Eating Food From Bazaar Ramadhan & He’s Apparently Not the Only One!


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Source: Twitter | dR Azrul // Saya Jual Cuckoo + SuperCube & 123RF

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Another day, another complaint about Bazaar Ramadhan that may keep us wondering about the quality of the food there. 

This time, it’s not about the overpricing anymore but we’re talking about the consequence. A netizen, Azrul recently shared his experience of getting food poisoning after eating food that he bought from a Ramadhan bazaar. In a Twitter post, Azrul showed the packs of medicines that he has to take until today, and he urged the public to be more careful when buying food from the Bazaar Ramadhan.


“If it tastes off, just discard the food. Never mind about the wastage, as long as you don’t get food poisoning.”

You’re not the only one, Azrul

It has only been 9 days since Ramadhan started, and different Ramadhan bazaars have been getting criticisms for the price and the food quality. The concerns of food poisoning are rarely highlighted, but according to the comment sections, many netizens pointed out that Azrul is not the only one experiencing food poisoning after eating food purchased from a Ramadhan bazaar.

A pharmacist also revealed that for the past few days, many people have been buying medicines after exhibiting symptoms of food poisoning. When asked, many said:

“Most of them said they got it after breaking fast with food bought from Bazaar Ramadhan.”

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Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Azrul said the sugarcane juice that he bought may be the one that sealed his fate.

“I highly suspected the drink, but it could also be the other food that I bought.”

When asked about the location of the bazaar, Azrul told WORLD OF BUZZ that it was never his intention to boycott all Ramadhan bazaars in the country.

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“Let’s not generalise and conclude that the food from all Ramadhan bazaars are dangerous. Some of the vendors sell low quality food, but not all. We don’t want to shut down their businesses.”

Azrul added that he’s just urging the public to be more careful when purchasing food at the Bazaar Ramadhan.

Food poisoning can happen anytime, and not necessarily from the food at the Ramadhan markets. To those fasting, it is definitely one of the worst times to get food poisoning which may induce vomiting or diarrhea, causing the patient to be dehydrated.

This goes not only to the vendors at Bazaar Ramadhan but also to food operators around the country – do be more alert and thorough when it comes to your food preparation.


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Source: 123RF

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