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M’sian Based UK Food Vlogger, Rhys William Recites Poem for Ramadhan in Fluent BM, Netizens Impressed


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Source: Instagram | si_rhys

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Today (March 23) marks the first day for our Muslim friends in their 1-month journey of fasting, which ends on April 21, 2023. In conjunction with Ramadhan, Rhys William, a Malaysian-based UK YouTuber, and food vlogger took the opportunity to welcome the month of fasting with a poem.

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Rhys is not only known for his years of food content in Malaysia but also his fluency in Bahasa Melayu (and he probably speaks better BM than some of us)! In an Instagram post last night (March 22), Rhys, who is seen in a full set of Baju Melayu with Songkok took the opportunity to recite a poem in full BM to welcome Ramadhan, as well as wishing fellow Muslim friends a smooth fasting month.

“Ramadhan tiba, disambut muda dan tua, Kita raikan dengan penuh erti,

Rhys nak ucap selamat berpuasa untuk semua, Pastikan penuh, susah nak ganti.”

Screenshot 2023 03 23 152537

Here’s the direct translation of the poem.

“Ramadhan’s here, and it’s celebrated by the old and young, we celebrate it with full of meaning,

Ryhs wishes everyone happy fasting, make sure you complete your fasting month, or else it’ll be tough to replace the missed ones.”

We gotta say, Rhys recited the poem just like a native!

In his post, he also humbly asked his followers to correct him for any mistakes in the poem.

“I’m just trying out the poem, and I’m still learning. Do correct me if I’m wrong.”

Flawless poem recital

Rhys’ poem recital amazed many Malaysians, who not only praised him for the recital but also for how good he looked in Baju Melayu.

Screenshot 2023 03 23 150847

“Happy Ramadhan, Rhys. You’re good at reciting poems and you look good in Baju Melayu!”

Screenshot 2023 03 23 150950

“I’m not good at reciting poems. But thank you for this. Happy fasting to you too!”

Screenshot 2023 03 23 151008

“Wow, that’s a good recital!”

Screenshot 2023 03 23 151114

“Rhys, you look handsome in pink Baju Melayu!”

You can listen to his flawless poem recital below.

Fellow Muslim friends, hang in there! It’s always the toughest on the first day, but we’ll get through it. What do you think of Rhys’ poem recital? Can you come up with your own Ramadhan poem?


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