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More And More Malaysians Are Disobeying The MCO, Says Health DG



Source: Sin Chew Daily & Malay Mail

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We need to recognise the importance of heeding this order if we don’t want a MCO phase 4.

In Dr Noor Hisham’s daily Covid-19 telecast yesterday (15th April), the Health DG announced that authority’s reports reveal a worrying trend: Malaysians are becoming increasingly less compliant to the enforcement of the MCO. 

The Health DG then stressed on the importance and effectiveness of the order by citing the positive results of the MCO’s first two phases by pointing out that there were no major surges in Covid-19 cases since the order was implemented. In fact, the number of recovered patients are only increasing under the order.

“The operation control order that entered the third stage from 28th April continues to reduce the number of diagnosed cases reported. Our country adopts a targeted approach. Therefore the people’s compliance with the MCO is very important at this stage,” said the Dr Noor Hisham as reported by Sin Chew Daily.

As people have become less compliant to the MCO, MOH welcomes the National Security Council to adopt stricter action against these offenders as it is crucial to flatten the curve and ensure MOH has enough medical equipment to treat all confirmed and expected cases.

Dr Noor Hisham also used the opportunity to thank law-abiding citizens and officers for doing their part in breaking the chain of infection. The national figure urged the rest of the public to obey the MCO and assist MOH in stopping these transmissions.

The Ministry of Health advised those working in essential services to reduce travelling to places that attract crowds and people such as dining halls in the office: “make sure you keep a safe distance of 1 meter with other people when you’re having conversations.” He also urged everyone who requires to be at work to keep their office clean by using disinfectants to clean surfaces and areas that people constantly come into contact with.

The disobedience of a few inconsiderate citizens affects an entire nation. Don’t be that kind of person. 


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Source: Malay Mail

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