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Monk Caught in Bed With Politician is Her Adoptive Son, Gets Millions of Baht from Her


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The news that broke Thailand recently seems to keep getting crazier and crazier!

In a viral video captured by a husband, it showed him barging in on his Democrat Party wife and 24-year-old monk naked in their own marital bed.

The scandal drew huge criticism as it reflects very poorly on both a political figure AND a Buddhist monk – the main religion practiced in Thailand.


The lady later told local media,

“We didn’t have sex then. Nothing happened, it’s not what it looks like in the video.

“He had some problems, so we were just talking together, and then we were going to shower.”


Reports later revealed that the monk was the politician’s adoptive son


The property developer tycoon said,

“My wife has always been very religious. We even met at the local temple. But recently I noticed that she was spending more time with the young monks.

“I even saw her go into a monk’s cabin when the curtains were closed. I knocked on the door for a long time but nobody answered. When she came out I was suspicious, but she said she had been praying with the monk.

“With regards to this boy, I think that he tricked my wife and seduced her.

“She told me last year that she felt sorry for him, so we decided to adopt him as our own son.

“I came home early when she didn’t answer her phone. I suspected something was wrong.

“I was so angry when I found them together, I feel so betrayed. I had brought her gold and given her many gifts.”


Monk allegedly tricks her into thinking she’s his lover in a past life

The business man also shares that he believes that his wife has been deceived by the young monk. He suspects that the monk had told her that she had been his lover in a past life until she agreed to have an affair, reports mgronline.

He added that his wife strongly believes in fortune telling and superstitions, and even got “cheated” out of millions of baht of assets by the 24-year-old through her offering him alms to create merit.

Many netizens debate whether she had willingly offered those assets to him, or she was fooled into doing so.


Democratic Party politician wife opens up and threatens to sue anyone who defames her


The politician remains her innocence and insists nothing ever happened that night. She updates a reporter that she is consulting a legal team and will sue anyone who has damaged her reputation.

Additionally, she wants to gather some peace and quiet and will explain her side of the story in due time.


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