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Meet Buyung: An Abused But Resilient Stray Dog That Walked 25km To Reunite With The Family He Loves



Source: WOB

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Day after day, being kind-hearted is something that’s being preached all the time. Not only among humans but towards defenceless animals as well. The voiceless animals have no one but us to depend on but based on the multitude of animal abuse cases being reported nowadays, it’s tough not feeling disappointed.

The story of Buyung shows that no matter what happens, a loyal pet responds to a little bit of care with a lifetime of love. Farisya wrote to WORLD OF BUZZ telling about the resilience of Buyung an abandoned stray dog who had to suffer so much before being reunited with his loved ones.

Buyung first roamed the streets in Changkat Desa, Gombak with a few of his other friends. A couple of years ago, he befriended a security guard at the guard post and would accompany him on his rounds whilst at night, they would have to hide as some residents still found their presence unfavourable.

His life started to turn for the better when a caring family started feeding him every day. Unfortunately, there were two occasions when some heartless humans severely injured his right leg with a block of wood and even slashed his back with a parang.

The injury inflicted on Buyung for no reason.

“What did Buyung do wrong? Instead these humans should thank him for assisting their guards to provide them with security for free so that they could sleep well at night.”

Fortunately, on both these occasions, the family took care of his medical requirements and brought him to a veterinarian to attend to his injuries.

Just when you thought things were finally going to be OK for Buyung, he and his friends were captured by members of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) where he believed his life would come to an end. Thankfully, the family managed to rescue him and to avoid such things from happening again, they sent him to their friend’s place in Kota Damansara.

Buyung at Farisya’s family friend’s house

The family friend had three big fierce-looking dogs who seemed to disprove of Buyung’s presence. He couldn’t stand being chained with the three dogs constantly snarling at him. After about 15 days, Buyung escaped and started his attempt to go back to the caring family’s house

Buyung’s resilience 

In a week, using his sixth sense and walking approximately 25km through some unknown terrains, his mission was a success! Buyung managed to find his beloved family and stood proud in front of their gate.

The journey wasn’t an easy one for Buyung, he was so hungry, thirsty and reduced to just skin and bones.

Buyung was so weak when he arrived at their house that he could hardly bark to get their attention.

Luckily, the daughter saw him and immediately tended to him and fed him. If you’re wondering, Buyung is now a happy and healthy doggo!

This is a story that has more than one hero. To Buyung, your strength and bravery is a true testament to why you’re man’s best friend. To the family, in a world of increasing selfishness and heartlessness, you’re our shining beacon of hope. We hope Buyung (who we can say is THE GOODEST BOI) stays happy with his beloved family!


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Source: WOB
Source: WOB
Source: WOB
Source: WOB

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