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Man in China Poops in Pool While Swimming, Gets RM5K Fine & Membership Revoked


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Source: Douyin

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What happens when nature calls and you just cannot get yourself to the washroom in time? An uncle in China had no choice but to “let it go” on the spot when he knew he wouldn’t make it to the toilet in time.

This incident happened at a swimming pool in Guangzhou on July 23 where the man was spotted swimming in the pool and all of a sudden, he pulled down his swimming trunks and pooped it out. Looking at the image below, you can see something yellowish bubbling on the surface of the water before the faeces floated.

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We don’t think the person behind the man knew about it because judging from the video, he kept swimming towards the faeces. Oh boy.

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The coaches at the gym near the pool saw the faeces and immediately asked all swimmers to evacuate the pool. They had no intention to let the man go scotfree. Once they got the CCTV footage, it was easy to spot the perpetrator because only members were allowed to swim in the pool and hence they know all of their members. They immediately filed a police report, and the man was fined RMB 8000 (approximately RM5,100). The pool was cleaned before it was opened to the public again.

The fine was not the only punishment. The man’s membership was immediately revoked for life.

“Should split the fine in half with the man at the back”

The video went viral on the Chinese social media, Douyin and many netizens expressed their “concern” about the swimmer at the back who seemed to have no idea about the surprise that was waiting for him.

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“The brother at the back didn’t know he was swimming towards faeces.”

“The man behind is moving forward towards the faeces.”

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“The man at the back followed too closely. Should split the fine with him.”

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“RMB8000 is too little. It should’ve been at least RMB20,000 (approximately RM12,700).”

“If the person at the back swam any faster, the faeces would’ve gone into his mouth.”

You can watch the video below.

Imagine if you’re in the shoes of the swimmer at the back… bet you are going to fling the faeces back at the man in front of you.


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Source: Douyin

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