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Malaysians Slam Influencer For Turning Best Friend’s Funeral Into Social Media Content


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Malaysian influencer and cosmetics entrepreneur, Hafiz Mahamad, has gone through an emotional week after his good friend, Loh, passed away after a long battle following a stroke.

However, Hafiz has been slammed by many netizens for uploading a video of his friend’s funeral that featured him as the starring role.

In the 3 minute video, Hafiz was seen dressed rather fashionably walking through an airport. The video then cuts to him crying over his friend’s shrouded body before carrying the body into the funeral van and driving it.

The next part of the video showed him leading the funeral prayers as well as lowering the body of the deceased into the grave.

He also expressed in his caption saying “At the airport, my tears kept flowing. I love and miss my friend.”

He also shared short clips of the funeral on his Instagram stories.

Although Hafiz’s intention may be pure, netizens were outraged as the entire time in the video, the camera’s sole focus was on Hafiz.

Some even called him a “narcissist,” as well as saying the video was incredibly “insensitive.”

A few other Twitter users questioned whether filming someone’s funeral is appropriate as some people personally wouldn’t want their funeral turned into someone’s social media story.

At first, the influencer did not respond to any of the hate comments he was getting. However, he didn’t stay silent for long especially after the popular rapper and public figure, Caprice, shared his opinion on Hafiz’s action.

Hafiz reposted Caprice’s post onto his Instagram story and addressed his intentions by saying, “Only God knows my intention. I don’t want to blame anyone for their opinions on the matter; that’s your point of view. Some benefited from seeing my posting. Others also saw my video and claimed I was being nonsensical. I accept everything because I cannot control your ‘heart’.”


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