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Malaysian Children Caught On CCTV Attempting To Rob Laundry Store



Malaysian Children Kicked Token Machine To Steal Coins, Caught In Action By CCTV - World Of Buzz

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If it wasn’t captured on CCTVs, I wouldn’t believe it.

On February 12, a group of children presumably in primary school or early secondary school tried to rob a launderette in the early mornings and their actions were captured by the CCTVs in the premise, according to The Reporter.

A netizen, Azhar Fazin who is believed to be the owner of the Dobi Perpaduan uploaded the pictures of 5 children on his Facebook account which instantly went viral.

It was reported that the children committed the robbery at 6.02am when the launderette was empty. Did their parents know they were out?

To get the coins inside the token exchange machine, one of the kids forcefully kicked the machine while the other 4 kids stood by watching him.

Source: Azhar Fazin Facebook

Besides targeting the token exchanging machine, the same kid was seen looking for ways to break into the washing machine to retrieve the coins inside. Looks like they’ve done their own research about the location of the coins.

Source: Azhar Fazin Facebook

It wasn’t clear that whether the kids went home empty handed or with their pockets full of coins. But judging from the built of the machines, it’s highly unlikely that the kids can break the machines by just kicking them.

Although their faces were recorded, it seemed like the launderette owner has no intention of lodging a police report.

Instead, an alternative solution was proposed by Aliah Lya presumably the launderette owner’s friend.

“Tell these children to see us with their parents to apologise to us. Or else, we will make these faces go viral and paste the posters of their faces at all launderettes,” Aliah said. 

Source: Quickmemes

Netizens mostly reckoned that the children should be punished and taught a lesson before they got involved in worse crimes. However, a few netizens think that if they were put into correctional institution, their future would be ruined.

“They are so young yet their behaviour are like devils! They should be slapped to wake them up!,” a netizen said.

“They still have a long way to go. I believe it’s not too late to mould their characters,” another netizen commented.

To think, at that age I was still at home playing my hot wheels.

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