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Make Way, Myvi! Bezza is Now the New King of the Road After Selling Most Units for Perodua in 2023


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The King has fallen. Perodua Myvi has officially been dethroned and another production of Perodua has been crowned the NEW KING!

Lo and behold, Perodua Bezza – the new King of the road. Myvi may have been the King for a few years straight since 2018 due to its “bizarre behaviors” on the road, but as “notorious” as Myvi is, it can’t beat the number of units sold for Bezza in 2023.

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According to Harian Metro, a whopping 56,735 units of Bezza were sold in 2023 alone, as compared to the previous Myvi King, with 45,014 units sold.

In case you’re wondering why Myvi has been dethroned by its little brother, these are the possible factors – lower price, slightly lower fuel usage, and baggage capacity.

In terms of pricing, Bezza is, no doubt, much lower in price, with prices ranging between RM35,580 to RM49,980 (excluding insurance). Myvi, on the other hand, is sold between RM46,500 to RM59,900 (excluding insurance), depending on the variants.

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According to Perodua's website, the most fuel-efficient Bezza model can achieve 22.8km/l compared to the most fuel-efficient Myvi model,
which is 22.2km/l. It doesn't make much of a difference but it's still cost and fuel-saving.
The luggage capacity of the Bezza is also much higher than ALL Myvi variants. All Bezza models have a luggage capacity of 508 litres, 
compared to just 277 liters on all Myvi models.

Dethroned, but ALWAYS in the heart of Malaysians
With Bezza now the King of the Road, does that mean Myvi is now the outcast? Myvi haters might say yes but Google Trends will deny that. 

From January to December 2023, Myvi consistently generated higher search interest on Google than Bezza.

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On average, Myvi had 82% of search interest last year, while Bezza had only 38% of search interest.

To those who are driving Bezza, what else do you think can factor into Bezza's significantly higher popularity? Is it because we're "berBezza?"
Regardless, do follow all traffic rules, King or no King!

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