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Local Singer Gets Compared to a Pig by Netizen, Judge in Singing Competition Responds to Hate Comment


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Source: Instagram | nadeerazaini & TikTok | Astro Awani

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It never feels good to be insulted, especially about how you look.

Just recently, local singer, Nadeera Zaini spoke about a negative comment that she came across on her social media page. The comment was brief but enough to make her cry, like a knife that pierces through her heart.

“Your face looks just like a pig.”

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Nadeera admitted that the comment made her feel down but fortunately, her family and friends were all there to support her and remind her to ignore the negative comment from that one netizen. The singer also said that she has chosen to forgive the netizen, despite not knowing the real identity of the “keyboard warrior”, and she decided not to take any actions.

Nadeera recently emerged as the winner of the local singing competition in Big Stage 2023 where she won a prize of RM100,000.

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However, before her victory, 1 of the judges had nothing but fond and supportive words to tell her. It was not just about her talented singing but also an indirect response toward the hate comment that she received.

“You are beautiful, Nadeera”

The judge, Ajai assured her that she is indeed talented in singing but he wanted to highlight the hate comment.

“To that person who said you’re not pretty, I’m telling you now. You’re beautiful, Nadeera.”

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The crowd immediately cheered at Ajai for being sweet, and it touched Nadeera so much that she cried on the spot. Ajai continued and reminded Nadeera NOT to lower her standard because everything is a gift from God.

“I believe in you. Don’t think you’re not pretty, Nadeera. You’re beautiful!”

You can watch and listen to the judge’s sweet words below.


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Everyone is born in their own unique ways and it’s inevitable to have flaws because we’re only humans. Regardless, we are, in no way, supposed to make fun of others in terms of their looks, career, talents, etc. 


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