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Local Pianist Cathryn Li Says She’s Scammed & “Accidentally” Reveals Her RM40mil Bank Acc Balance


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Source: Instagram | cathrynli

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Certain things about your life are confidential, such as how much you make for a living and the balance you have left in your bank account. There’s no harm in sharing a little bit about your financial status but to some, it may look like showing off.

Online scams have been happening a lot and going rampant with no signs of an end, and local pianist, Cathryn Li is also up to date about the scam cases that make daily headlines. To make sure she is on the safe side, Cathryn immediately logged into her bank account to check if there were any unknown deductions.

“Apparently, Facebook deducted my money,” Cathry showed a screenshot of the deduction amounted to RM27.99.

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It was a small amount but many netizens had their eyes on something else. Her remaining balance is displayed right beside her deduction, and the amount shown is probably something that many of us will never achieve our whole lives.

Cathryn has a whopping RM40 million in her bank account which she had “accidentally” revealed, and netizens have since weighed in at the 8-figure amount that’s shown in the screenshot.

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“The truly rich ones will not show off”

It has caused an online debate, with many doubting it was a real figure and saying that she was sharing an edited image.

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“The fonts are different if you look closely. If you’re good at editing, you can make yourself the richest person on earth.”

“Are you sure it was accidental?”

“This ‘accident’ shows how fake she is.”

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“The truly rich ones will never reveal how much they have. She has gone overboard, purposedly taking the chance to be in the limelight by flaunting her ‘wealth’.”

“She loves showing off.”

“I suspect that she’ll do anything to get attention from the people whenever she sees people forgetting about her.”

At the time of writing, aside from her usual gaming and music updates, Cathry has not responded to what netizens had to say about her. In this case, do you think the pianist is THAT rich, or do you think she was merely showing off something untrue? 


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