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Little Boy Climbed Up to The Roof for 3 Hours Because He Was Too Scared Of Getting ‘Sunat’



Young Boy Escaped To The Roof for 3 Hours In Fear of His Circumcision Ceremony - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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Circumcision is considered as a traditional rite of passage, especially for the Muslim community. Some may look back on the memory with affection because after the ‘sunat’ process, they are celebrated with gifts and parties. It’s scary to have someone bring a sharp object near your family jewels.

So, it’s absolutely understandable why this Indonesian kid was so scared that he did something totally unexpected.

Source: Facebook

Anik Sutari, a doctor in the city of Serang in Indonesia shared a hilarious story about how a young boy escaped to the roof of a house because he was scared of getting circumcised.

In the Dr Anik’s Facebook post (which was in Indonesian), she began the story with, “Throughout my career, I’ve been performing circumcisions for 20 years, and I’ve been circumcising thousands of children but this is the first time that a child has escaped to the roof.”

The doctor continued in her post that a lot of people tried to convince the boy to come down. None of them tried to go on the roof because they were scared that the boy would endanger himself by running away again out of fear.

Two hours later, the boy was still on the roof and it didn’t look like he was getting down any time soon. Luckily, the boy’s parents had a brilliant idea to contact his teacher.

After the teacher arrived, the boy surprisingly came down from the roof after a little coaxing from the teacher.

After that, the boy actually walked all by himself to the place where the circumcision was planned to happen. He even seated himself for the process without anyone forcing him. The boy didn’t even complain, cry or put up a fight during the process after all the fuss he made. That teacher must have been really persuasive!

Dr Anik found it hilarious that the ‘sunat’ process was only ten minutes long but she ended up waiting three hours for it.

She ended her post by writing that three hours isn’t that long because she learned an important lesson from the teacher.

Kudos to the boy for being brave through the whole process though!


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