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S. Korean Girl Shares the Many Culture Shocks She Experienced in M’sia


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Source: @im.sophieyoo | TikTok

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Yet another foreigner has shared their culture shocks after visiting Malaysia.

This time, a South Korean girl decided to share the many things about Malaysia that differ from her own culture.

Netizen, @im.sophieyoo, took to her TikTok account to list down the aspects of Malaysia that caught her by surprise.

Culture 1


Here is her list: 

Pickup culture 

She shared how her friends in Malaysia would pick her up and drop her home because she did not have a car of her own to commute with.

“In Korea, you should go yourself by taking the subway or a bus. Even though they have a car, they won’t pick you up,” she explained, adding that this has become one of her favourite Malaysian cultures.


The size of fridges

Apparently, our fridges are super small, compared to fridges in South Korea.

Culture 2

“I think Koreans prefer big fridges. In South Korea, we have a lot of side dishes, and we keep them in the fridge to eat again. But, Malaysians like to eat outside. Even when they cook, I don’t think they keep the food for as long as Koreans do. So, many of them use small fridges,”

“I’m using a small fridge for now, my fridge is always full!”


Air conditioning

Just as the Japanese YouTuber had previously shared, the Korean girl explained how you need to have clothes for the coldness in Malaysia.

“And Malaysia is very hot, so they love to turn on the air conditioning everywhere. You might think that Malaysia is a tropical country, so you don’t need spring or fall clothing, but if you don’t bring a cardigan or use long sleeves, you are f*cking dead. It’s so cold,” she said.


Entry foyers 

According to the girl, the entry foyer in Korea is inside the house. Hence is why she was shocked to find that Malaysian entry foyers are outside. (You know, that space between the grill of the apartment unit and the main door, where you take off your shoes and keep your shoe rack.)

Culture 3

“At first it felt like a prison, but it’s nice and clean to put your shoes outside. So, I just put my shoes outside, though someone either used a crab claw or someone with long arms, they stole my shoes a few times. Since then, I’ve just taken my shoes off inside,” she added.


Floor numbers

The one thing she has yet to get used to in Malaysia is how we categorise the different floors of our buildings.

“In Korea, the first floor is just the 1st floor, the second floor is just the 2nd floor, the basement is B. B1, B2, isn’t it simple? But in Malaysia, there are UG, LG, G, 1st floor, 2nd floor. Korea’s 1st floor is Malaysia’s G,” she shared.


A lot of houses 

She believes we have too many houses, and she might be right!

“And Malaysia is a very good country to live in, there are a lot of houses. The land is huge, and they keep building houses. There’s even a lot of empty houses here,” she explained, adding that compared to Korea, purchasing a house with a bank loan in Malaysia is much easier.



The South Korean girl shared how many Malaysians don’t carry designer bags, as in Korea, almost everyone has a designer bag.

“It’s not about whether they can afford it or not. It’s more like, if they (Malaysians) think it’s not worth it, they won’t buy it. When I worked in Korea, I bought a bag that was worth my 1 month’s salary. And when I think back, why do I have to have a designer bag that costs a month’s salary?”

“I think that’s vanity, I don’t think Malaysians have that much vanity compared to Koreans.”


Culture 4

She went on to add that everything she has shared is purely based on her personal opinion and experience.

You can check out her video here


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What do you think about her list? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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