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“Khong Kaek” – Title of Upcoming Thai Horror is “Distracting” M’sians Who Find it Hilarious


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Source: Facebook | TGV Cinemas

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It’s the season of horror and the nights of fright – Halloween! Many of us are binge-watching our favourite spooky shows from the past, while new horror movies are being released in the cinemas during the season.

In case you have not heard about it, a Thai horror movie is headed to Malaysian cinemas. It feels like it has been awhile since we had a good old Thai horror flick that scared us to death like Shutter (2004), Nang Nak (1999), Long Kong (2005). This time, Khong Kaek, a Thai horror that is currently trending in Thailand will soon scare Malaysian audiences in the cinemas here.

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As of now, not much is know about the plot of Khong Kaek, aside from being an Islamic-Thai horror that revolves around the haunting secrets in Win’s family. The film was released in Bangkok back in September and as of today, it is still trending there. The release date in Malaysia was announced via a Facebook post from TGV Cinemas last night (October 15), much to the excitement of the fans of horror flicks.

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Khong Kaek? Well, that sounds familiar

On the other hand, the title of the film – Khong Kaek, has unsurprisingly brought laughter among Malaysian netizens, as the title reminds them of a well known local vulgar word. Well, if you know, you know.

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“Sounds like a double-meaning kind of title.”

“I’m confused. The poster is scary but the title is not.”

“Khong Kaek? My mind is wandering far when I read the title.”

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“If I ask my wife to watch it with me and when she finds out about the title, she’s going to nag me.”

“The title is… I’m speechless.”

“I think you really have to pronouce the title correctly.”

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“A Thai horror that’s coming to Malaysian cinemas soon. I’m sure Malaysians will find it awkward to prounouce the movie title.”

Fortunately, with e-ticketing available, you can safe yourself the embarassment from having to say the title out loud when purchasing your tickets. Jokes aside, will you be catching up with this Thai horror? Let’s hope the movie delivers the scare effectively and send chills down our spine! You can watch the trailer below.


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