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Johor School Teachers Dress Up as Cabin Crew & Exit from ‘Airplane’ in Awesome Hari Guru Celebration!


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Source: @hernisazlia | TikTok

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Schools nationwide celebrated Teacher’s Day last week, a day in which Malaysia’s unsung heroes are thrust into the spotlight and given due appreciation.

Accordingly, many schools got creative for their Hari Guru celebrations with unique themes but this primary school in Skudai, Johor definitely outdid most with one of the most awesome celebrations yet.


Dressing up as cabin crew for Teacher’s Day

Screenshot 2024 05 20 At 2.13.44 Pm

Going viral on TikTok with over 912,300 views as of the time of writing, teachers from Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Mutiara Rini 2 walked onto the red carpet at the school’s Teacher’s Day celebration fully dressed as an airline cabin crew.

Shared by @hernisazila on the platform, she revealed that the theme for the school’s Hari Guru celebration this year was “Tiara 2 Airlines” and accordingly, the teachers dressed up as flight attendants and pilots.

Screenshot 2024 05 20 At 2.14.00 Pm

Not only that, they even took it a step further by creatively creating an ‘airplane’ in front of one of the rooms at the school using what looks like cloth banners.

Screenshot 2024 05 20 At 2.14.15 Pm

The teachers who were dressed up as flight attendants even played the part by bringing their own suitcases while exiting the ‘airplane’ and walking on the red carpet.

Screenshot 2024 05 20 At 2.15.40 Pm

Watch the video here:

@hernisazila Hari guru 2024 . Tema Tiara 2 Airlines ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️#hariguru2024 #gurujauharidigitalaspirasinegaramadani #flywithus #malaysiaairlines #hariguru #CapCut #fypシ゚viral #jdt?? #sktmr2 #tiktok #kamigurumalaysia #pilot #stewardess #fypシ #cikgusekolah ♬ original sound – Cik pOpO

Besides that, @hernisazila also shared a follow-up video with the teachers posing after the celebration was over here:

@hernisazila Signing off . Thank you for choosing Tiara 2 Airlines . Siapa pun kita , apa pun kerjaya kita ingatlah jasa seorang guru . Moga menjadi pemangkin semangat kpd semua murid untuk terus terbang tinggi.. Selamat hari guru ?#gurujauharidigitalaspirasinegaramadani #hariguru2024 #sktmr2 ♬ original sound – Cik pOpO

Malaysians can’t get enough of the creative Hari Guru celebration!

In the comments section, many Malaysians were impressed by the creative celebration, with many also amused by the teachers’ portrayal of the cabin crew.

One commenter praised the teachers for being sporting in executing the theme and noted the hard work it must’ve taken to create the ‘airplane’ and dress up as the cabin crew.

Screenshot 2024 05 20 At 2.11.12 Pm

Meanwhile, one commenter joked that it was smart for the teachers to bring their suitcases along for the celebration, as it would make it easier for them to store all the gifts they would be getting from their students.

Besides that, another commenter can’t get enough of the teachers dressing up as pilots and their macho poses.

Screenshot 2024 05 20 At 2.14.32 Pm

This is not the 1st time that the school has gone viral too, as their Teacher’s Day celebration last year also caught the attention of Malaysians with a unique theme of teachers dressing up in their respective hometown’s football team.


@hernisazila #jdt?? #hariguru2023 ♬ Hall Of Fame – PHARAØH & EQRIC & Clayton Jones

So, what do you guys think of the unique Hari Guru celebration? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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