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“It’s The Little Wuhan”, Frontliner Shares What Doctors Go Through In Semporna, Sabah



Source: Atfinah's Facebook & Arab News

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As many of you know, our country has been seeing a worrying rise in Covid-19 cases lately, especially in Sabah. Our frontliners are doing the best that they can to handle the situation but it isn’t easy. One such frontliner, by the name of Atfinah, shared her experience of working in Semporna. The Covid-19 situation has escalated so drastically there that the area is now dubbed after the virus’ place of origin, “the little Wuhan”.

“It’s been a week since I’ve been tasked to work in Semporna. I feel the heavy responsibility of medical officers, hospital staff and health clinics here. Known as #thelittleWuhan, the whole community is at high risk of getting infected with Covid-19. Every day, the cases increase,” shared Atfinah.

Despite working in the medical field for around 10 years now, she shared her awe for the young doctors working in Semporna. “They work late into the night, struggling to treat the influx of patients that keep testing positive. It doesn’t matter whether they are Malaysian or foreigners, it is still our responsibility. We wear PPE for more than 9-10 hours. We don’t eat or drink, all we want is what’s best for the patient,” said Atfinah, adding that there’s still a 24/7 on-call system for all frontliners as there isn’t enough manpower to sustain all the patients flooding in.

“Dealing with Covid-19 positive patients puts us at a very high-risk position. But we have to stay with them as there isn’t enough manpower for a shift system,” said the hardworking frontliner.

Credits to Djohan Shahrin from Malaysia Now.

She shared the mixed feelings she had about the job and how scary it was to be in such a precarious position. “Almost every day, there are people who need to be intubated. Are we scared of getting infected? Of course! But what choice do we have? We have to stay strong and fight for the patients and our community. Every day before we start work, we pray.”

Atfinah encouraged the medical team working alongside her in Semporna and advised those in Semenanjung to follow the rules. “Follow SOPs, don’t go out unless you need to, wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitiser. We haven’t won yet!”

We’re truly in debt to these hardworking frontliners who sacrifice so much just to keep this community alive. Kudos to Atfinah and the rest of the KKM team for their admirable efforts! 


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