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“It’s a HUGE difference!” Thrifty M’sians Share 6 Things To NEVER Skimp On Or It Might Cost You


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A trait passed down from generation to generation, most Malaysians are thrifty as heck and always think thrice before buying anything, especially when it comes to prices. However, when settling for cheap goods, what you pay for in the short term would actually affect you in the long run. You might even end up paying more in the future!

Here are some things that you should actually invest more money in for a good balance of quality and value, as told by thrifty Malaysians!


1. Quality footwear = quality feet and back health

Giantmeadows Footwear

Did you know that wearing bad footwear – shoes, flip flops, everything – are not only harmful to your feet (bunions and ingrown toenails, anyone?) but could also hurt your backs and joints? More so if you walk a lot or exercise in them regularly! 😱

Good footwear actually ensures your back is properly aligned and prevents back pain, while proper sports/casual shoes have cushy cushions that act as shock absorbers to pad out the impact of each step you take. Think of it as a health-centric investment, and you’d be more willing to buy.


2. Low-quality kitchenware that could cause you to replace them yearly

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As my Mom used to say, “You pay peanuts, you get peanuts,” and that’s exactly the case in buying cheap kitchen utensils. Some of us may be okay with changing them often, but no one would want any toxic chemicals to leak into their pisang goreng while deep frying in a bad wok or while using cheap utensils.

Instead, opt for hardy stainless steel frying pans (fantastic for grilling and pan-fries) or cast iron woks (the essential Asian cookware) that not only lasts longer but also level up your food from “home cook” to “five-star chef”!


3. Cheap commercial soap is just detergent for the skin

Giantmeadows Soap

Though they really are cost-savers when buying them (who could resist the “Huge Savings” and “100ml extra” tags?), they aren’t good for plenty of things. Namely, their chemical concoction actually dries our skin (even contributes to eczema and the like) and harms the environment due to its production and from washing ourselves with it, not to mention that the “lavender” fragrance they put in macam don’t smell like lavender wan.

Instead, opt for natural soap! They solve not only the above (no need to spend on lotion to moisturise! #Godsent), but those with essential oils also provide aromatherapy to soothe your mind, while contributing to the more ethical organic farming industry.


4. Your undergarments! Good underwear actually improves your mental health

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Just because no one can see your undergarments, doesn’t mean you should skimp on them ah. Cheaper underwear may be functional for the most part, but you’d be missing out on the wonders of impossibly comfortable innerwear. Avoid cheap synthetic materials and overly tight inner clothing!

Expect not only your intimate parts to feel completely at ease, but also your state of mind – it improves self-esteem because of how comfortable and confident you’d feel in snuggly underwear.


5. Mattresses are lifelong investments

Giantmeadows Kate Stone Matheson Uy5T Cjuik4 Unsplash

It’s easy to sleep in your bed every single night without thinking twice about how much it influences our lives – but it really does have an effect on our daily lives!

Aside from how well it supports your spine, the perfect mattress plays a huge role in helping you sleep faster and easier. Nothing like a good night’s sleep to boost your mood and get you ready for the day! Keep in mind that there’s no one-for-all mattress, so feel around for types – ranging from foam to latex and hybrid – that you feel most comfortable in.


6. No need to cut corners for food and groceries

Giantmeadows Groceries

Most Malaysians can relate to always being on the lookout for the cheapest groceries or those that are on promotion kan? Don’t lie ah, we admit we do it too. 😝

However, we have to keep in mind that doing so could backfire on us. From questionable quality ingredients to harmful effects on the environment and our bodies, there are many red flags that come with buying “super savers” goods. Thus, it’s important that we think long term for ourselves and future generations and settle for slightly pricier but more responsible groceries.

Suicide Squad Will Smith

Fortunately, you don’t always have to pay premium prices for good products. There are some food products that are actually affordable, yet possess the quality and flavours of an atas brand. They’re super rare, but when they exist, we kaw-kaw welcome them and want to buy it allll. Hmmm, got such nice products that exist in this universe meh?

The good news: yes, and it comes in the form of Meadows, a premium yet affordable brand that features a wide array of food products!

From crackers and cereal all the way to instant noodles and chips, they have it all!

Giantmeadows All

Meadows is all about easing Malaysians’ lives with high-quality, tasty food choices at a great value, thanks to the thousands of taste tests they did with consumers and their families before they go on shelves, and through sourcing the world’s best ingredients to make sure everything is top-notch.

It’s no wonder that Meadows has won over 80 quality awards la, including those from the taste experts of Monde Selection and the International Taste Institute!

Memang Award-Winning Taste, Award-Winning Quality.


Here are some of the awesome food products that Meadows has on sale that we personally love:

Hearty breakfast goods

Giantmeadows Breakfast

Whether you’re a cereal and milk person or a simple guy of crackers and kopi ‘O’, you’d be sure to have a whole breakfast with Meadows.


Finger-licking potato chips

Giantmeadows Chips

Tortilla chips, potato crisps, and even truffle-infused potato chips – Meadows has got your snacking habits covered.


Addictive assorted nuts

Giantmeadows Nuts

Or if you’re trying to snack healthier, then you can’t go wrong with Meadows’ selection of cashews, pistachios, whole almonds or jars of mixed nuts.


Think we’ve found the perfect snacks for our late-night Netflix binges or busy workdays? ✅

Junk Food Eating

And this is just a glimpse of what Meadows has in store! If you’re curious to see what other goodies they have, you can head on over to these places and have a look-see:

  • Giant
  • Giant Mini
  • Cold Storage
  • Mercato
  • TMC Bangsar

Only these places ya, Meadows is exclusively sold at these markets

For more info on what Meadows is all about and which are their award-winning products, you can head on over to their website to find out more!

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Source: Tenor GIF
Source: Meadows
Source: Tenor GIF
Source: Meadows
Source: Meadows
Source: Meadows
Source: Tenor GIF

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