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“I’m a customer, you cannot shout at me” Woman On ETS Train To Ipoh Refuses To Wear Mask



Source: Puchong News Group's Facebook

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A woman travelling from Taping to Ipoh on an ETS train was criticised after she was spotted not wearing a mask during the ride and refused to do so even after being asked several times. In a post that has since been deleted from the Facebook group, Puchong News Group on 27 December, a netizen narrated the details of what happened.

The netizen, Mr A (pseudonym) said he noticed that a woman sitting opposite him was not wearing a mask and watched her for about ten to 20 minutes before asking her to wear her mask.

He even offered her a new mask, assuming that the woman’s mask was lost or had broken. However, the woman told him that she had her mask, she just didn’t want to wear it, reported China Press.

Mr A’s friend then complained to the staff about the issue and an announcement was made, reminding passengers to put on their masks, but the woman only ignored it.

Even the captain went to personally tell her that due to the pandemic outbreak, everyone must wear a mask, to which the woman replied “I have been wearing it for four hours”.

The woman even told the captain:

“I’m a customer, you cannot shout at me,” even though the captain did not raise his voice at all, according to Mr A.

The woman then noticed that Mr A was recording a video of the scene and scolded him saying “brainless people doing this” and “don’t behave like bullsh*t” before reluctantly putting on her mask.

As Malaysia records 4-digit increases in Covid-19 cases every day, it is extremely crucial that individuals in public adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOP) to prevent the further spread of the virus. Please do your part to flatten the curve!


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: China Press

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