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If You’re Going to ArtBox Malaysia Then You Need to Read This First!


A Comprehensive Survival Guide If You're Going To Artbox Malaysia - World Of Buzz
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ArtBox, the ever so popular Bangkok pop up and container market is currently being held in Malaysia. If you have not had to chance to drop by this week, fret not, you can still go on the 16th to 18th November to enjoy the food and lifestyle available there.


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Since it is such a massive event, it’s good to prepare and manage your expectations so that you’ll be ready for what you’ll experience there.

27Mirrors has gone to ArtBox Malaysia and they have produced a comprehensive list of what you need to pay attention to when you are there.

Here are the ArtBox Malaysia survival tips:

1. Traffic congestion is a norm in Sunway. You can use Waze but if you have any other alternative routes in mind, just opt for those as Waze might change your route a few times because of the congestion.

2. The best time to go is from 3pm to 5pm as there is less crowd there.

3. Before entering the venue, please make sure you use the toilet first. So that you don’t suddenly have to answer nature’s call when you are inside.


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4. Don’t be turned off by the amount of crowd lining up to get in. Just wait till you see the crowd lined up at food stalls!

5. Pay attention to the directory at the door. Take a picture of it if you must. This will help you navigate within the venue with ease.

6. Preferably go when you are feeling hungry to ensure you can enjoy the tonnes of food being sold.

7. Make sure you bring extra cash because things sold there can be a bit pricey. You can also opt to use your TouchNGo app at certain stalls.


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8. It’s very difficult to find an empty trash can. Most of them are full usually. Instead of feeling guilty for leaving your trash around, why don’t you bring your own garbage bag?

9. At the tables, the cleaners will clean up for you fast. So make sure you appreciate their efforts by saying thank you.

10. Unlike other festivals, the ground at ArtBox is very clean and not muddy at all! Time to wear those new shoes you have bought the other day.


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11. 95% of the stalls will have long queues. Be patient if you want to get something from them.

12. Pay attention to those who will try to cut queue. Go ahead and remind them politely to line up.

13. They will try to test your patience by saying that there is no point of lining up. Stand your ground, because all good things come to those who wait.

14. After paying for your food, some stalls might ask you to wait for up to 30 minutes.


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15. There are so many varieties of food available so choose wisely.

16. Remember to either bring your own tissues or take some from the stalls. The weather is very hot, you will get sweaty and oily on top of the oily food that you will eat there.

17. You can try the cotton candy, but they don’t look presentable and is kinda mushy.


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18. 80% of the goods sold at ArtBox can be found at your nearest pasar malam. However, there are some stalls that sell rare handmade things.

19. Most of the clothes sold there can also be found at your pasar malam. There are certain designs that are quite ok. Maybe you can check them out yourselves.

20. The reality is, ArtBox is like a more beautiful version of a pasar malam, so its best to lower your expectations.

21. Then there are shops that sell mini versions of cosmetic products.


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22. If your intention is to take insta-worthy OOTDs, you will find it difficult as there are so many people around. Better bring your own professional photographer.

23. Other than the traffic congestion, you will also face some connection problems inside the venue.  So use this opportunity to chat with your friends and enjoy your time rather than staring at your phones.


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24. It’s best if you go there with the mindset of a tourist. There’s something exciting waiting in every corner!

25. Please try to pick up your own trash. Don’t just leave them around Set a good example so that our environment stays clean.

Hopefully, we can drop by ArtBox Malaysia next week when it’s less crowded. But we all know that Malaysians love their food festivals so it’ll be crowded anyhow. If you choose to go, be sure to take our advice!

Have you gone to ArtBox Malaysia? Will you go? Share with us your experience in the comment section below.


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Here's What You Can Expect If You Are Going To Artbox Malaysia - World Of Buzz

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