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If You Work in Taiwan for At Least 7 Years, You May Get PR Status



Foreign Workers in Taiwan Who've Worked There for 3 Years May Get PR Status - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Times Higher Education

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Ageing population is a problem that most developed countries are facing, due to prolonged life expectancy and a reduced birth rate. However, in the case of Taiwan, the process seems to be speeding up way faster than any other developed countries, which has thus prompted the government to take drastic action.

According to Oriental Daily, the Taiwanese government has come up with a new immigration law to mainly tackle the ageing population issue while attracting foreign professionals as well as skilled workers.

Source: Seehua

Based on the new proposed law, foreign workers who’ve worked for seven years in Taiwan will be granted permanent residency. This step aims to help expand the middle-class skilled workers category and the import of foreign talents.

Also, foreigners who’ve invested RM1.99 million for three consecutive years can enjoy the privilege of permanently staying in Taiwan. The local government stressed that this new law will only be implemented under the condition that it does not affect the job opportunities and salary among the locals. Smart move! 

Source: 123RF

Currently, professionals in selected fields have to work in Taiwan for five years and spend 183 days a year in the country in order to get the PR status. Under the new revised immigration law, these selected professionals now have to spend an average of 183 days in the country for three years to get the PR status. 

This draft first came out on Tuesday (15 May 2018) and will go through law-makers as early as September. It was understood that Hong Kong and Macau citizens will benefit the most from this new law.

So guys, if you know anyone working in Taiwan, spread the word and let them know about this! 


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