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If You Ever Get Kidnapped in a Car, Here Are 5 Helpful Tips on How to Escape


If You Ever Get Kidnapped In A Car, Here Are 5 Helpful Tips On How To Escape - World Of Buzz 1
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Staying safe these days is a constant daily battle. Sure, some may brush this off thinking that they’re safe as long as they’re aware of their surroundings and take care not to be out late at night. But when we recently caught wind of a ‘kidnapping’ that occurred in broad daylight in Singapore, we’re not so sure anymore. What’s more, this unthinkable incident happened during an e-hailing car ride. Gosh!!! 

So, in an effort to keep Malaysians safe from all the baddies out there, we took it upon ourselves to round up a few helpful tips on surviving a car kidnapping in the unfortunate event you find yourself in a similar situation.


1. Humanize yourself to your kidnapper

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The goal here is to remind your kidnapper that you’re not just a piece of meat thereby making it harder for him to harm you. In fact, this is even psychologically proven, making it all the more important. Additionally, avoid antagonizing your captor(s) with touchy subjects such as religion or politics. And yes, this includes pulling out the race card which is highly inadvisable.


2. Hide tools on your body for an easy escape


Source: fiber one

In the event you’re bounded by rope or a zip tie, one quick way to free yourself is by being prepared with a razor blade. According to experts, it is advisable to always carry one with you especially if you’re travelling in high-risk areas. To avoid cutting yourself, wrap the blade in tape and hide it in your sock.

Alternatively, one simple maneuver you could use to break free from zip ties or duct tape without the use of any tools is by doing the following:

  1. Raise your bounded wrists high above your head.
  2. Ensure the locking bar is in between your hands.
  3. Swiftly swing your hands downwards while simulating touching your shoulder blades together, spreading your hands apart.


3. Use facial expressions to signal other drivers that you are in trouble and in need of help


If you’re travelling pass a busy street, look out the window to try to signal other drivers or pedestrians to your predicament. Mouth words and try to get anyone’s attention. Although this poses a risk of being noticed by your captor(s), experts suggest trying to escape during the initial moments of the kidnapping increases your probability of success as this is when kidnappers tend to make the most mistakes and are anxious about being caught.


4. Escape from the boot of the car if you’re trapped inside

One useful feature not commonly known about cars is that most come equipped with an emergency boot lever. This allows you to make a quick escape simply by just pulling the lever if you’re trapped inside. In the event that the car does not come equipped with this feature, reach for the spare tyre jack located under the carpet of the boot, place it firmly on the boot’s surface and start winding the jack up. According to experts, the pressure exerted from the jack should be enough to pop the boot open.


5. Text a loved one and be observant of your surroundings 

If You’re Held Hostage In A Car, Here Are 5 Helpful Tips On How To Escape - World Of Buzz

Source: facebook

Another vital survival tactic not to be discredited during a kidnapping is being observant. Any detail remembered could potentially be a life-saving one and help bring your captor(s) to justice. Does he have a tattoo? Is your captor tall or is there something unique about him that makes him distinguishable? Additionally, if you still have your phone with you, text a loved one immediately and provide them with details of your captor’s car number plate and your general location. It goes without saying that this is pretty risky but doing so increases the odds of you being rescued.


And there you have it, five useful tips to remember in the unfortunate event of a kidnapping. We hope you won’t ever have to apply these tips in real life, but hey, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared, right? Do you think we missed out any other tips that you know of? Share them with us in the comments below!

Stay safe out there guys!


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